Catching Up

Life has been crazy.  It’s not that there haven’t been some incredibly fun and sexy things to write about…it’s just life has been crazy.

Our anniversary trip to Maui was fun, exciting, and full of all sorts of sexual energy.  I don’t have ample time to write about it now (more on that in a second) so you’ll just have to keep checking back for that update.

So, other than the week in Maui I have been on the road for work and helping 23 move to Charleston.  Yes, his big brother went to bat for him and got him a job at his company in the IT department.  I guess there is hope; except, 28 can’t stand 23’s NOW fiance!  Yes, he proposed New Year’s Eve and have a tentative date of April 2020.  28 has also purchased an engagement ring that he and his “soon to be fiance” picked out together.  She help pick the mount and the diamond but doesn’t know he already has it.  I anticipate an engagement announcement from them soon.

I’ve been to Baltimore, MD, Columbus, OH, and Boston, MA with the trip to Maui sandwiched in between.  All three of those cities had snow when I was there which made Maui even more beautiful.  I’m leaving for a two week trip to China in a week provided MrsL can walk on her right ankle.  You see, she sprained it Wednesday night in Charleston after driving back down to finish helping 23 assemble his newly arrived head board for his bead.  Yes, MrsL is the “Bob the Builder” for our house.  Even though I grew up on a farm and have used loads of tools and equipment, I typically don’t have the patience to build, create, or otherwise assemble anything.  I can if absolutely needed but MrsL is soooooo much better at it; plus, she loves helping her boys.

Anyway, she sprained her ankle and thought it was broke so I had to jump on a one way flight to Charleston to drive her home Thursday.  Thankfully, it were no breaks.  Along with her not being able to walk and stand on it…her meekness has crept back in.  She is trying everything in her power to NOT be demanding while I am doing everything in my power to make her realize this is exactly how a true Wife Led Marriage should work.  We will see!

So, I am still here.  We had a sexually fantastic time on Maui.  We are back to living a Devotional Sex lifestyle because MrsL simply LOVES having free access to the penis for teasing.  She recently pegged me while stroking me to an orgasm.  It was absolutely INCREDIBLE! I am going to discuss with MrsL the possibility of carrying the Steelheart on my travels; however, until I can get a Steelwerks Extreme 100% titanium device travel will be probably be me honoring my commitment to Devotional Sex.

Thanks for hanging around and reading when I get time to post!

2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Good to hear you had a nice break. I am sorry for your wife, hope she is getting better soon.
    I can understand if she wants a break from being in charge, it is hard work and requires concentration. I work as a supervisor in the catering section with mostly young people earning some money whilst at school or college, who have no interest, so I am constantly on alert to make sure they do their job and to it properly the first time. at the end of the day I’m mentally tired.

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