Anyone have any experience with sounding? That type of play has been creeping into my thoughts as of late and when I bring it up to MrsL she seems very interested.

I’ve looked on FetLife and found some interesting pictures and really want to explore. One in particular is black gloved hand holding a guy’s erect cock with a lit candle inserted down his shaft. The head was covered in hot wax. It had me hard in seconds. When I described what I saw to my Awesome Wife, she told me that it sounded (no pun intended, I guess) like fun.

So, I’m looking for advice and recommendations, please.

10 thoughts on “Sounding

  1. I’ve had this done to be several times. It’s a totally indescribable sensation (in a good way.) It’s a great way to edge someone/be edged. The last time, I was blindfolded, and my partner would work the sound slowly in and out while pumping me up and down, also slowly and sensually. She’d stop every time I got close.
    Make sure you purchase a good set of sounds, use plenty of lube, and work your way up in diameter. I would *not* recommend starting out with any other object.

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  2. Hello,

    have you ever heard the “No Safe Word ” Podcast? The Pups did show Ungagged, and Drew ahs quite some experience with Sounding. In Episode 14 – Just the Tip, they talk about Sounding. You can find it on page 11 of They have a wide range of BDSM lifestyle tips, and I always thought Ungagged especially educational. Drew recommends silicon sounds, esp for a beginner. and use a wax for bdsm play, NOT a normal candle.
    Have fun, Silke

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  3. There is a lot of useful information about safety for sounding out there (you do NOT want injury or infection in your urethra or bladder), so my advice is: Find multiple reputable resources and do your research.

    Enjoy :).


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  4. I’d echo what Ferns said. It’s definitely an activity that requires some research and care. There’s a bunch of good information online.
    From my personal experience – I’ve done it a fair number of times – it looks pretty intense, but is actually quite a mild pleasant sensation. More a head trip than anything. And if it is intense and painful then you’re probably doing it wrong and should stop.
    Definitely buy proper sounds that you can sterilize effectively. Let them slide in under gravity. No need to force them. Be careful when handling them so they don’t get chance to pick up any bacteria (i.e. putting them down somewhere before use or reusing them). Bladder or urethral infections are absolutely no fun. Pee soon afterwards so you can flush any lube out.
    I typically will do it when the domme is into it and wants to try it on me. But I don’t request it because the risk/reward to me seems relatively low. Of course if you introduce electricity and vibration with sounding then it gets a lot more interesting!

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  5. We did this a while back, bought a set of sounds over eBay and away we went….it was an incredible sensation, especially initially though our interest in it did wane after a while, never went as far as wax though

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