Great Pair of Jeans

Sitting at the local tire store getting a leak plugged gave me some time to people watch, which is one of my favorite things to do when out and about. People watching usually provides ample opportunities to fantasize which always ignites my bisexual side.

I’ve written about my bisexual urges many times before. As of late, they have flooded my thoughts again…even though MrsL and I are having the hottest kissing, cuddling, and tease/ denial sessions right now. I have been fantasizing about serving two or three hot young studs for a few days now but will, as always, enjoy the fantasy.

I have always been drawn to two parts of the body: woman or man. The ass and feet; specially, bare feet. Well, this 20 something came strolling into the tire store this afternoon and I couldn’t stop staring at that hot ass stuffed into those jeans. Admittedly, I am not very good at covert picture taking on public but he was smoking.

I think if there was a chance to live out my fantasy with him and two of his equally hot ass buddies I might just take it!

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