93 Days

Holy Cow!  I would have never guessed or dreamed MrsL would push the limits of control over my orgasms to this level.  She DID and the 93rd day ended spectacularly!

The entire time I was down in Brazil, MrsL kept sending me sexy little SnapChat messages: her laying in bed naked, her nipple peaking out of her bra, sucking on a lollipop, and one that took me by complete surprise.  She sent me a picture of her fingers playing with her pussy!!!  Damn if that didn’t drive me wild.

Tuesday when I got home, our house looked like a scene from a rom-com: shoes, shirts, pants, socks, underwear in a trail from the garage door up to the bedroom.  All I could focus on was worshiping her beautiful naked body.  I was on the razor’s edge of being in full on cave man mode.  As we neared the bed, I picked her up off of her feet and tossed her in the middle then pounced on top of her kissing, nibbling, and sucking my way up from her toes, along her inner thighs, brushing my lips across her rapidly swelling labia, up and over her stomach before latching on to one then the other fully engorged nipples.  She was arching in to me and I was consumed with making her scream in ecstasy.

Nibbling and kissing her neck, I was overcome with the delicious scent her body emotes when she is horny.  Those pheromones are intoxicating!

At some point, she took control by grabbing a hand full of hair and directing my mouth where SHE wanted attention.  Reveling in her control, I flowed along the strongest current of carnal desire I have felt in a LONG LONG time.

She toyed with me by directing my mouth to nipples, under her breast, her neck/ears, the down her mid line stopping short of the mound of her wet dripping pussy.  I was kneeling at this point when her legs wrapped around my neck holding me inches away from tasting her.  Her fingers that had been intertwined in my hair controlling my every movement slid up her thigh and began stroking up and down the outside of  her pussy.  She arched and moaned for several minutes while playing with herself. My eyes were fixated what she was doing.  It was absolutely glorious!

“I need you to finish what I started…can you do that?” She released her legs, gripped my hair again, then slammed my waiting mouth into her!  She erupted all over my face moments later as my tongue flicked back and forth up and down the length of her lips.  Her orgasm lasted for what felt like forever and she let go of my hair, I began focusing on the still twitching clit and had her screaming through several rapid fire orgasms over the next few minutes.

When I stood up in front of her begging to be allowed the honor of sliding her still stiff cock inside her glorious pussy she just giggled:  “Not right now…maybe later.  Don’t you have some work to get done?”

I was fucking incredulous yet HAPPY.  How is it possible to be so damn horny yet excited because your Wife said NO?  I wish I could adequately find the words to describe the feeling but they truly elude me.

That night, after teasing me with her hands, lips, and breasts, MrsL was finally in the mood to feel me inside her.  (After close to four years of enforced chastity and/or Devotional Sex I am amazed at just how long I can remain hard…especially…when I am allowed the honor intercourse.  The whole concept of tantric orgasms, going up to that point just before ejaculation starts, slamming on the brakes thus sending all of that energy coursing through my body creating glorious feelings for me and making her SMILE broadly works.  But I digress).  We were lost in the throes of passion.  When she flexes her kegels while I am thrusting inside her….DAMN!!!! When I lay still buried deep inside her and she flexes and releases her kegels and vaginal muscles….DOUBLE DAMN!!!

I finally couldn’t take it any longer and begged for an orgasm.  Then things got interesting.  As I lay there with the stiff penis buried inside her reveling in the ‘massage’ the penis was getting from her pussy she sprung this little trap:

“Well, if I say yes, then the contract I have drawn up goes into effect right now.”

Pushing up so I could see her face:  “What contract Princess?”

“Well, I was going to have us sign it on New Year’s Day but if you really want an orgasm I think we will go sign it once we are finished here tonight….hehehe.”

“Please tell me what the contract is, Princess.” Just for good measure I began gently thrusting in/out of her again.

“From the date/time we sign the contract, NEITHER of us will have an orgasm until we get to Maui for our anniversary.  So you decide, do we start the contract now after I grant you an orgasm…or…”

I was so damn horny at this point I thought I could reason with her as I was fucking her:

“Princess….that means…” She was having none of my debate.

“It is a simple Yes or No my knight.  Yes you want an orgasm bad enough to agree to not giving me orgasms until our anniversary OR No you can wait and continue to give me orgasms for a few more weeks.  BUT, January 1st the contract will be signed.”

I went full on cave man at that point right up until I felt the tingling in my groin then rolled off of her.  She laughed uproariously.  “I didn’t think you REALLY wanted to cum right now.  Let’s get some sleep and we’ll talk about the contract tomorrow.”

Wednesday was a bit tame as she had Chamber of Commerce events all day, I was working from home, and 23 was off from work.  But, Wednesday night…!

When we went to bed, MrsL was being playful and acting as if she wasn’t interested in any sexual activity. Just as I was giving in and reached for my CPAP mask she grabbed the throbbing erection pulling it toward her. “Make LOVE to me, my knight…but you can’t have an orgasm…until….”

Her voice trailed off as the head parted her pussy.  I am not sure what she had been laying there thinking but she was wetter than usual and I was buried deep inside her moments later.  It was incredibly powerful! I began gently sliding in and out of her, varying the depth of the penetration, the firmness of the thrust, moving up her body so the erection was pressing against her clit and I slid inside.  She was moaning and purring madly.  I had five or six “tantric” orgasms the last one resulting in several seconds of fully body shudders for me.  As I lay there buried deep inside her letting the endorphins completely dissipate, MrsL whispered in my ear:  “Next time…don’t stop…I want to feel you erupt inside me.”

Well….!  All thoughts of self control immediately disappeared.  That imaginary dam I build in by head at the base of the  penis to help control and keep from having an unauthorized orgasm vanished.  The carnal desire to have an orgasm took over and a few thrusts later I was the one moaning and screaming into a pillow so we didn’t wake up our adult son.  The penis throbbed and pumped cum inside my Princess eight or nine times.  I hadn’t had an orgasm like that since I was a young man.

When I could actually talk, “Thank You, Princess….Thank You….”

“SSSHHHHH, just lay here for a moment and enjoy it.  My other gift for you tonight is…since it has been sooooo long and I can feel just how much there is…AND….I do not want an orgasm right now….you are forbidden from licking me clean.”  We lay there, bodies joined, until the penis finally relaxed.  When I got up, my first instinct was to move my mouth toward her cum filled pussy because I WANTED to clean her out and eat my own cum but she refused.  “Go get a towel….”

Minutes later, after she was clean, she curled up on my chest and we both drifted off to blissful sleep.  That was the best night’s sleep I have had in a month!

We still haven’t discussed this “contract” but I know it will be interesting when we do.  As for me, the normal drop off that is supposed to happen after an orgasm hasn’t hit yet.  My balls still feel full and I am still as horny as a field full of Texas longhorns….and MrsL has noticed.  We have a Christmas party to attend this evening from 6:30 until 8 then will have the house to ourselves for about an hour.  Who knows….maybe she will be in a giving mood again!?!?!

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