Ready to go home

This stretch of international travel comes to an end, at least until January, tomorrow night. I must say that as much as I love traveling, making three one week trips to South America in less than seven weeks has been challenging.

With that said, today was a bit of an energy boost since this trip included a weekend stay.

Originally, I was supposed to stay in the little city in the Brazilian countryside and was not looking forward to the stay. The “best” hotel in that town is an Ibis. It was miserable. The room was not much bigger than the queen sized bed. The food was frozen microwaved and inedible. Even the breakfast was bad and it is difficult to screw up breakfast. Thankfully, I figured out on Wednesday that there were several employees that I needed to speak with based in Sao Paulo so we moved here Friday evening.

I worked all day on Saturday then ventured out today. Much to my surprise, I stumbled across a local street festival. Apparently, every Sunday in the spring/ summer, Sao Paulo shuts down one of the major streets in this part on the city and allows a festival to break out. It was awesome.

Two stories: first, I saw a little tyke, no older than 5 or 6 zipping up and down one part of the street on a longboard. This skateboard was longer than he was tall but he rode it like a boss! Second, in my never ending search for authentic local foods, I found a neighborhood diner one block off of the festival street that was incredible. The menu had English subtitles allowing me to pick confidently.

After sitting and talking to people all week, sleeping in a crappy hotel for 3 nights, and suffering through a 6 hour ride through the Brazilian countryside with a co- worker; it was nice to just walk around and people watch.

Heading home to MrsL tomorrow night. First flight leaves Sao Paulo at 1:40 am Tuesday morning.

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