Teasing Madness

Sitting in the American Airlines lounge waiting you board a flight to Sao Paulo for the next 8 days. We had a great holiday with both boys, their girlfriends, and my MIL & FIL now back to work for three weeks before taking the last two off for vacation.

Last night, MrsL came to bed in a fantastically evil mood. Earlier in the week she hinted about the possibility of receiving a spoiled orgasm before leaving. I mean it’s been 85 days since I had an orgasm and I am extremely horny! Well, needless to say she had other thoughts.

Let me just say, she elevated the whole tease and denial to an entirely new level. She made me keep count of every near orgasm and expressly forbade even a drop of cum (except for the constant leaking of pre-cum) from leaving my body.

She used every part of her glorious body to take me to the edge: fingers, hands, toes, feet, tongue, teeth, mouth, breast, and of course her warm wet pussy to drive me wild. The last 5 trips to the edge began with her mounting me cowgirl style then, as she described it, starting at a “trot” then moving to a “gallop” before kicking in to a full “run”. The run was accompanied with her gripping her cock so tightly I felt like she was going to pull it off each time she rose up! She could barely get past galloping the last two times.

As I was clenching every muscle in my body so tightly I was shuddering on the last denial, my Awesome Wife leaned down to whisper in my ear: we only have 74 days until we are in Maui…I think I want you to wait until then. Sweet Dreams! (If you are new to the blog those two words are code for no sexual touching).

Not another word was spoken until I woke her up just before leaving for the airport. I am not sure when I’ll be having another orgasm!

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