New Horizons

Today marks the longest period without an orgasm I’ve gone since surrendering them to MrsL. I’m currently unlocked due to a flair up of swelling and agitation of the scar tissue from the vasectomy. Of course, that means the teasing and denial have increased.

I don’t know when this orgasm free period will last and don’t care. When MrsL wants me to have one she will grant it. Of course, she is getting all the orgasms she wants when she wants!

Happily living the Devotional Sex lifestyle again!

2 thoughts on “New Horizons

  1. The teasing and denial are my favorite parts about keeping a sub unlocked. My toy is always right there, so available, ready to be tormented and played with. Chastity is always amazing, but when he’s unlocked, I can never resist taking advantage of any opportunity to play with my toy.

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