Locked Again

MrsL was in a decidedly horny mood when she came to bed last night. I’ve been unlocked since our Saturday morning play time. This may seem like plagiarism but I think she has evolved to MrsL 2.0 over the past few weeks, more on that later.

So last night she was horny pouncing on me when she crawled in bed. She played, stroked, and sucked me to several visits to the edge before pulling me on top of her guiding me inside her warm wet pussy.

“Enjoy your last night of freedom.”

I know I overuse the word magical but this was indeed magical. We made love for a long time…slowly, passionately, aggressively, and at times violently! Learning how to use tantric orgasms (working right up to that point then stopping to allow the body to experience the nervous system response without ejaculating) has been a wonderful experience for us both. I am certain I will get her to vaginal orgasms soon.

When she whispered in my ear, “Your journey continues so no you may not have an orgasm tonight” I nearly lost full control. So I asked for permission to use my tongue to make her cum. “Not until you are back in my Steelheart in the morning. Sweet dreams.”

My goodness! How hot. I begged to have her put it on me right then to no avail. She is getting really great at denying me!

I lay there for a few minutes then got up and grabbed her Steelheart. It took a cold washcloth to get calmed down enough to stuff the penis inside the cold steel. I took her the key and she secured me in her Steelheart. I then began kissing down her back.

“I said you can give me an orgasm in the morning. That means after I wake up. SWEET DREAMS. Now go to sleep.”

Damn! It was a long restless night but I’m glad I’m locked again!

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