Morning Play

There is nothing quite so glorious as morning sex!

As we snuggled in bed this morning after watching all 18 innings of Game 3 of the World Series, MrsL was curled up on my chest playing with my chest hair (which if I had my way would be waxed away but she likes it) when she told me to be ready to be fucked when she got up.  I was restless all night with that thought swirling through my head.  The regular morning erection cycles inside the Steelheart were brutal!

I was woken up at 8:30 with a raging trapped hardon inside the Steelheart.  I immediately remembered dreaming about MrsL surprising me by bringing home a hot 30-something stud. In the dream, I was sucking his cock while she fucked me with her large dildo.  No wonder the Steelheart was being brutal! I had to soak a washcloth in cold water and wrap it around my balls to calm things down enough to finally shave.  After shaving, I grabbed the supplies needed for the enema and went into the hall bathroom (yes, 22 was already at work).  It was 9:45 when I finished satisfied I was prepped for a morning of great anal play.

Crawling back in bed, I woke MrsL up slowly with gentle kisses all over her back and neck.  We lay there for a long time cuddling kissing letting MrsL enjoy herself by teasing the crap out of me.  The most impressively frustrating portion of this play was her using my hair to move my head/mouth where she wanted it which alternated between holding my mouth tantalizingly close to a nipple, her clit, her mouth or letting me worship those areas then abruptly pulling me away.  Our kisses this morning were the deepest sexiest kisses we have experienced in over a year.  At this point, I was oblivious to the Steelheart solely focused on being her pleasure toy.

“Before we do anything this morning, I need to be shaved.”

“Yes, Princess.”

I absolutely love shaving her.  It is both wonderfully intimate and wildly energizing.  As I was cleaning off the remaining residue with a warm cloth I saw her extending her legs from the bed and nearly had an orgasm in the Steelheart when she wrapped her ankles around my neck and pulled my face to her freshly shaved pussy.

The next few minutes were blissful as she came all over my face three times.

“I need to recover for a few minutes…go put yourself in timeout.”

I was a bit stunned but did what I was told.  I think I was in there 10-12 minutes before she called me back out to the bed.

Standing there in front of her, MrsL began toying with HER balls and asking me if I regretted asking her to be my Keyholder.

“No, Princess.  I am honored to have given you control of my orgasms.”

“You mean your non-existent orgasms?”

“Yes, Princess”

She had me standing there for a few more minutes fondling HER balls and teasing me by bringing her lips just close enough that I could feel them but never kissing me or nibbling on my ear while telling me how much she loves frustrating me.  When she is in one of these teasing moods…I am in for such a frustrating yet fulfilling session…and boy was it ever.

Leaving me standing by the bed she walks over, purposely exaggerating her walk, to retrieve the blindfold from the toy box.  I started whimpering like a toddler in the toy store being told no to a toy.

“What are you whining about…you should know I am not going to let you watch.”

After ensuring I could not see (have I mentioned we bought one of those blackout sleep mask that has soft foam cut outs that doesn’t put pressure on my eyes..and I can’t see even a sliver of light) she instructed me to climb up on the bed and get comfortable before returning to the toy box.

“I need a few things from downstairs…don’t move!”

There I lay, foam roller under me thrusting my ass upwards listening to her walk away.  My phone chirped seconds before I heard the door to the garage open.  My mind raced wondering what she would need from the garage.  I then heard her reenter and my phone chirping again when she turned the home alarm system back on. Moments later she was walking back in the room and dropped something on the bed between my feet then walked back to the closet.  My ears did not deceive me…she had picked up her favorite little clamps. Approaching the bed she instructed me to get up on my knees then adroitly latched a clamp to each nipple:

“Now get comfortable.  I hope your not too terribly disappointed I didn’t set up the massage table or decided to I wanted to play with your nipples as well today?”

“No, Princess.”

Only being able to hear what she is doing drives me crazy.  I heard the vinyl gloves being pulled on…I heard her open the jar of coconut oil….then moments later the first finger slipped inside my waiting ass.  Since we don’t have a lot of consistent anal play, MrsL always ensures to ease into it…one finger gently circling just inside…then two…then three….then four….!  After working all four in she slid two out then used the remaining  two on my prostate.  Massaging…tapping…swirling…it felt like she was forcing her fingers out the urethra with the cum.  She made some comment about being impressed with getting that much cum out through the Steelheart  but I couldn’t make it out as I was awash in my own head wanting to beg her to take off the Steelheart and let me have a proper orgasm….but I didn’t…I was good and kept those thoughts bouncing around in my head.

Finally, her fingers were replaced with what I could feel was the smaller of her two dildos. She prefers third one because it doesn’t require both of her hands (she still isn’t comfortable with the whole concept of a harness even though I got her a sexy underwear style one). Again, she takes her time and care getting the dildo inside me. She is a gentle Princes when she wants.

A few seconds of gradual insertion with the head lingering on top of my prostate was replaced with a slow steady fucking. More coconut oil was added as needed to ensure a nice slippery fuck.

Three simple words, “Are you ready?”

I eagerly moaned my consent.

What had been a nice slow rhythmic fuck turned into the fastest and hardest pounding she has ever given me! It was a very much uncomfortable at first; however, my body roared right through the discomfort to pure bliss in a matter of seconds. The head running back and forth over the already excited prorate was magical and I felt more cum oozing from the Steelheart…earning me a “good boy” comment. She kept up this page for what seemed like forever before finally slamming the dildo balls deep inside me.

I finally figured out, at this point, what she dropped on the need behind me.

Much to my horror, I heard MrsL ripping duct tape from its roll. We’ve never used duct tape so I was pleasantly surprised when she made sure the dildo was fully inserted then layered several strands of it across my ass cheeks affectively securing it inside me.

“Turn over and sit on the bed.”

My mind went wild. The tape held wonderfully as I turned over and planted my now dildo filled as on the towel underneath me.

I then heard the jewelry box open and the key inserted into the Steelheart lock seconds later.

“You have one minute to push off the cage if you want the chance of an orgasm right now.” Well, ask of the prostate massaging up to that point had the penis not wanting to cooperate. However, MrsL knows the one thing that always works…and it relates to those pesky little nipple clamps.

Flipping each clamp up and down playfully: “Here, I bet this will help. You know what’s coming don’t you?”

Each clamp was removed and rotated a quarter turn them immediately clamped back on the nipple. If you play with clamps of any size you know the intense rush of pain that accompanies having one removed. Now imagine how quickly and intensely that pain magnifies when that same area (especially a nipple) is subjected to being forced into pinching the other direction.

Her actions had the desired effect. The stainless steel tube made a distinct thud as it hit the floor ellicitng an awesome evil laugh from my Princess.

I heard a chair unfold in front of me. MrsL then spent a few more seconds playing with the clamps then, as if narrating a play, described oiling up her hands with more coconut oil to tease her cock.

Sitting on the dildo while my Princess worked me into near orgasms was joyously frustrating. Every “close” my mouth was met with her stopping all contact. The beauty…she didn’t even SPOIL an orgasm for me. After the ninth or tenth edging she pushed me on my back, gently removed the layers of tape, removed the dildo, then walked into the shower with an admonition to clean up the mess I had made.

I don’t think I have ever been more frustrated or more consumed by the desire to please HER!

Needless to say, we had a great morning.

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