Let’s Play A Game

22 was at work when I got home last night.  I found MrsL at her computer working and gave her a nice long shoulder rub that led to a few minutes of hot passionate kissing right there in her office.  Pulling away from me abruptly: “I want you naked sitting in the closet right now….make sure you put on your ankle and wrist cuffs and blindfold yourself. Go!”


I rushed upstairs stripped down to nothing but her Steelheart, put on the cuffs and blindfold, then sat down with my back to the wall in our small closet…the one where she likes to get creative with tying me up.  Needless to say my mind was buzzing and the Steelheart was doing its job quite effectively.

A few quite minutes later, MrsL came in and began her handiwork.  Nipple clamps in place my arms were lovingly but firmly pulled up over my head with the rope looped over the rod in the closet.  She reached in the closet and grabbed what I soon discovered was the spreader bar. After running the rope from my outstretched arms through the d-rings on the ankle cuffs I heard rope zipping through eyelets on the spreader bar.  Moments later as she pulled the spreader bar upwards my feet went skyward and apart.  I was in a “V” position with my legs spread wide.  The rod in this closet has a little open hook on the front which, much to my surprise, MrsL figured out it would sit right in those hooks.  I heard her digging around before hearing her using some rope to secure the spreader bar to the hooks…”just in case” she said.

This is when HER fun began.

First she stood over me using a foot to tease the exposed balls.  She then lay down and leaned in to kiss and fondle my balls giggling like a schoolgirl when she reached behind the base ring to playfully stroke the trapped erection.  Then she stopped….got up…and walked away.

Much to my delight I heard the jewelry box where she keeps the key (and no I never use it without permission) open then her walking back toward me.

“Let’s play a little game.  If you can push off the cage and remain hard while I go down and put dinner in the oven…you maybe, possibly, I won’t promise, potentially, will get a little treat when I return.”  That’s all she said.  I felt the key go into the lock and the tug of it being removed.  Then she got up and left.  I wish she would have taken a picture but she doesn’t like doing that because she knows I keep them.

Well, pushing the unlocked tube off was not an issue.  I was so damn horny it popped right off.  Then the mindfuck of trying to keep an erection until she returned began.  It was easy for the first few minutes.  When I felt the tightness of the base ring loosening I could inch my butt cheeks a bit which would put more tension on the nipple clamps creating another surge in blood flow to the cock.  Alas, slipping into subspace to manage and absorb the pain flowing through my nipples and chest was the final straw in the erection going away. UNTIL….

Hearing her footsteps on the stairs caused an immediate surge back through the base ring.  I wasn’t fully rigid when I felt her foot playfully toying with her cock but I was erect.

“Well, it seems you might just have won this part of the game.  Do you want your treat?”

“Yes, Princess.”

She gently gripped the erection with a warm cloth for a little cleaning then knelt down in between my legs.  I heard ice rattling at this point.  The warmth from the cloth was immediately replaced with the glorious coldness of being sucked into her mouth full of ice!!! She swirled the cock around for a few minutes until I started to say “close.”  She stopped!!!

I felt her hands gripping the nipple clamps and being removed.  That moment of intense pain is such a rush for me.  My arms were now free and she then untied the spreader bar from the closet rod and lowered my feet to the floor then reached down and removed the blindfold.  Standing there was my beautiful, curvy, naked Princess I reached out to wrap my arms around her legs only to be met with them being swatted away.

“Your little treat for the night is: you can remain unlocked until you shower in the morning AND my body is off limits except for cuddling when I come to bed.  Now put the toys away then come down for dinner.”

Wow!!!  I had just over 12 hours of chastity free time but couldn’t worship her body! Fun night.

As I curled up to her when she finally came to bed she said since Saturday looks like a grey rainy day and 22 would be at work all day she is going to tie me to the massage table and fuck my brains out!  I can’t wait.

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