Last Night

We have had some great sex before while I am in MrsL’s Steelheart. Last night set a new standard!

As we prepared dinner together, 22 was at work, I took every chance I got to massage her shoulders and back. I listened to her day without interrupting one time, which in and of itself was an achievement for me. She even got a foot massage as dinner was cooking. I could sense her just letting her day melt away.

After a great dinner and a bottle of Pinot Noir, I was a bit exhausted and dozed on the couch watching game 2 of the World Series. MrsL sent me of to bed at 11 with a promise to wake me up when she came up. I went through my nightly routine of shaving, asthma meds, and rinsing out the Steelheart then crawled into bed.

When she came to bed…I didn’t need her to wake me up.

The next hour was pure sexual bliss for both of us!

Being in her Steelheart is so damn liberating!

Pouring all of my pent up sexual energy into a slow simmering adoration of each and every inch of her body without touching her breast or pussy for at least half an hour had her so wet and horny the she exploded with the first of six magnificent orgasms with just a brush of my tongue over her clit.

Normally, MrsL is done after such a strong first orgasm…but not last night. She wrapped her legs around my neck then started grinding against my tongue and chin. She gave herself two more equally strong orgasms in this manner all the while my hands were caressing her breasts, gently pinching her nipples, or lightly tickling her sides.

When she finally released her legs from my neck I lapped up the sweet nectar her body produces then began flicking my tongue back and forth between her swollen labia purposely stopping just below her pulsing clit. This produced her fourth orgasm.

One of the major benefits of chastity is being hyper focused on MrsL. I discovered again, as I had forgotten how much her body reacts when I do this, how she reacts by simply taking deep breaths and exhaling my warm breath onto her clit then planting a kiss directly on her mound. It sends her body into this glorious shuddering complete with such beautiful guttural sexy moans. A few of the special kisses sent her toppling over the edge into orgasmic bliss a fifth time covering my mouth and chin with her honey.

We finished the evening with an oldie but goodie. I separate her labia gently with hands exposing her engorged clit. While bobbing my head up and down, my tongue rapidly flicks, encircles, and strokes her clit. The resulting orgasm ripples from her body through me as she writhes in my mouth.

She fell asleep on my chest purring like the content Tigress she truly has become. I left her a hand written note this morning telling her just how liberating it is for me to be in her Steelheart. I couldn’t be more happy for us right now! The best part… I never once thought about getting anything back from her. I was so damn content locked away knowing her sexual satisfaction had been achieved.

I don’t travel again until November 12 and I haven’t had an orgasm in 51 days (14 days short of the longest I’ve ever gone). I am buzzing with energy and really don’t know if I want this to ever end?

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