Great Morning

MrsL has her first of several holiday bazaar sales events today. This is a good time of year for her sales so it keeps her very busy. As usual, I went to bed before she did with instructions to get her up at 6:30.

I was very tired and didn’t remember her coming to bed so when I woke up around 2:00 a.m. I was pleased she had snuggled up against me and fell fast asleep. The remainder of the night I tossed and turned. Several times, I caught myself fondling her breast or fingering her pussy. She would moan then change positions…I would fall asleep then wake up half an hour later again playing with her. When the alarm finally went off she rolled over and began teasing me.

Cupping and fondling my trapped balls, she latched on to my left nipple. The more she rolled my balls in her hand…the harder she bit on the nipple. I was moaning and squirming like mad. She even had me leaking loads of precum and made sure I licked her hand clean.

Just before hopping out of bed she moved up to my shoulder leaving this lovely little mark:

As I was showering, she came rushing in our bathroom: “Your battery is dead…”

Not good because she takes my car to her sales events.

I rapidly finished my shower, threw on some sweats, and went down to jump it off for her. NO LUCK! It was so dead I couldn’t even get 22’s car to jump it. So, I called AAA.

Apparently, I left the dome light on Sunday night when we unloaded the car from our visit to Charleston. I drove it yesterday…during the day…so I didn’t catch that I left it on. I thought it was a bit sluggish starting yesterday but blamed it on the first cold snap.

Well, she had to use her Kia Soul and make two trips to get all of her products and supplies to her event. Thankfully, the actual event doesn’t start until 1 p.m.

So, I’m working from home waiting on AAA to arrive. Since it is not a roadside emergency and I can work at home I fell down the priority list. They are supposed to be here by noon.

Ain’t life grand?

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