Great Weekend

After a week in her Steelheart, MrsL decided she wanted it off for her own pleasure.  She unlocked me when we got back from Tennessee last Thursday.

I was exhausted when we got home and had to be at my dermatologist early Friday morning so I scampered off to bed around 9:30 p.m.  MrsL woke me up around 12:30 a.m. gleefully playing with my raging erection.  She would start by gently sucking one then the other of my balls in her mouth before popping them out of her mouth like a lollipop.  She would then lick up the shaft, swirl her tongue around the head paying special attention to the empty PA piercing hole, then swallow me whole.  It was deliciously exhilarating.  As I’ve stated before, she no longer really needs me to tell her when I am getting close to an orgasm and this evening was no different.  Every time I felt that familiar tingling deep in my groin she would stop and giggle as my hard cock twitched in front of her face. Even though I was mad with the desire to cum…I was relishing in the ebb and flow of the her tortuous teasing.

During one of her giggle breaks as I lay there cursing under my breath, I asked her to please turn around so I could lick her beautifully wet pussy.

“On one condition…no touching with your hands.”

She flipped around using her knees to pin my arms to my side then instructed me on the other rule:  I was only allowed to use my tongue and she would be the only one allowed to move.  Holy hell….!

Well, she took great pleasure in figuring out she could make herself cum grinding on my tongue.  She would wiggle, squirm, thrust up and down, and as she got close would grind on my chin.  With her first orgasm, she covered my face in her glorious wetness stopping long enough to let me lap it up then set upon my face again with reckless abandon.  Moments later, she was shuddering and moaning loudly all the while covering my face again with her wetness.  It is the sweetest most addicting taste in the world.  This whole time she somehow managed to keep me hard.

As the second orgasm waned, MrsL turned around burying herself on “HER” hard cock.  She rode me to the edge of orgasms four times each time taking shorter breaks in between stopping and starting her ride.  She warned me before beginning to buck the last time: “this is the last one…you better not have an orgasm!”

At this point, I was beyond desperate and was chanting “close” almost immediately.  She was thrusting down extremely hard, flexing her vaginal muscles, then pulling up slowly.  It was impossible to not lose control.  At the first “c” of close she smiled and kept going for another dozen strokes then pulled up and off collapsing beside me.  I clenched every muscle in my body but ultimately felt cum dribbling down the length of my twitching shaft.  MrsL noticed as well and took HER cock in her hand to gather up all of the cum oozing out.

“I don’t remember saying you could have a spoiled orgasm…open up.”

She fed every last drop of cum to me.

I have never been so damn horny, disappointed, yet ecstatically happy!  The rush of being denied so much coupled with the raging hormones after the spoiled orgasm made me mad.  I flipped over and tried to shower her body with kisses and was shut down immediately.  “You have to get up early…Sweet Dreams!”  (if you are new here Sweet Dreams is her code word for no more touching her the remainder of the night).

The remainder of the weekend was just as awesome.  We visited 27 and his girlfriend in Charleston but the teasing continued all weekend.  The last hour of the drive home last night, after it got dark, got interesting.  Before we left Charleston, she instructed me to put on gym shorts only…commando…because “I want unfettered access” on the ride home.  Throughout the ride, she would occasionally reach over and play with me through the shorts.  Once it got dark, she pulled HER cock and balls out of the crotch then playfully kept me hard right up until we pulled in our driveway.  I had to set there a few minutes to let things calm down.

Last night, when MrsL came to bed she stroked me to several near orgasms before kissing my cheek then whispering in my ear, “Sweet Dreams…and I want MY cock back in MY Steelheart in the morning.  I LOVE YOU.”  She rolled over pulling the covers up to her neck snuggled in behind her with the still pulsing erection in her back.  She wiggled against it a few times then was asleep.  Great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Great Weekend

  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing this experience with your readers.
    BTW, you wanted to update your readers about the antics of 22/23s girlfriend. Is she still in the picture? I guess he has been sensible so far and has not proposed? How you described her that is not a welcome future.


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