Coffee and the Steelheart

I am a few days behind the rest my LOCKtober brethren; however, MrsL is rediscovering how much more attentive, hyper sensitive, and down right HORNY I am. I was craving her MADLY after 1 day…now I can’t stop thinking about her!

The past two nights have been one continual tease. She even began playfully rebuffing my kisses…only kissing me when she was ready. I’m not allowed to touch her unless given permission and she is now definitely in charge of when she receives and orgasm from me. To be honest, even though I love giving her orgasms several times a day…her orgasms Sunday after not having any the entire week I was in Chile were so strong I think she wants a day or two between them now.

Ultimately, I end up in my happy place: naked except for her Steelheart laying against her naked body in bed…horny!

So, here I sit working from home today with my morning coffee…happily locked in MrsL’s Steelheart!

Happy LOCKtober!

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