Since you are reading this post I have obviously decided to keep writing…at least for now.  I realized that I enjoy writing immensely and may shift the focus more toward erotic fiction with little snippets of our adventures sprinkled in to keep things spicy. Thanks for the encouragement from everyone.

If you read this post from a few days ago I am happy to report it worked.  Well, that book and a daily series of notes I left for MrsL last Monday when I headed to the airport.  Each note included increasingly more references to the book, how much I craved being in her Steelheart, and how much SHE loved it when even the slightest whisper of a touch from her send chills through my body.

After 22 went to work we had an afternoon of pure sexual bliss: several orgasms for her from my tongue, allowing me to experience the glory of being inside her warm wet pussy as she dictated the speed of my thrust, and taking GREAT pleasure in playful vicious denials (including me begging like a toddler to please let me have an orgasm) we headed to the lake.  We went to our favorite little Chinese place for dinner since neither of us were in the mood to cook.  She sent me off to bed around 10 after I kept dozing off during the game.  MrsL curled up on my chest and started playing with HER (yes she started using possessive terms again last night) cock and balls.  As she was stroking me…refusing to let me take off my CPAP mask…she gave me the following instructions: “When you get up in the morning, shower and shave MY cock and balls then put on my Steelheart…yes you will wake me up to lock it on.  Sleep tight my love.”

So, today I joined the LOCKtober crowd.   It was a great day.

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