Sexy South America


One of the guys I had to conduct a fact finding interview on today rocked my libido!

He is a Venezuelan working in Chile and I had to stop looking at him for fear of doing somethkng stupid.

First, of course, was the accent. Just listening to him answer my questions and explain what he found and how he found it had my groin stirring.

Second, he had the most gorgeous brown eyes. I am a blue or green eyes kind of guy. However, this stud’s deep brown eyes were mesmerizing. Of course, they were topped by perfectly trimmed eye brows. Umf!

His jet black hair framed a sturdy angular face sign a solid jaw line and chin. The scruffy day old beard accentuated that sexy jaw line!

Several times I caught myself fantasizing about asking him up to my hotel room for a follow up interview only to pounce on him, rip his clothes off, and suck him hard before letting him fuck me as long as he wanted!

Having bisexual urges drives me wild!

3 thoughts on “Sexy South America

  1. Does your wife know you are bisexual? Is your wife also bisexual? Do the two have you have an open relationship in which each of you are free to engage in relationships outside the marriage?


    1. The answer to all of your questions is: no. I’ve hinted and made innuendo that I have bisexual urges but haven’t come right out and told her. I’ve written erotic stories where the husband is actively bisexual and she enjoys them. As for her and the open marriage…definitely not. She does comment on how beautiful some women are but there’s not even a chance she is bisexual. No we don’t have an open marriage.


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