Taking a Chance

Just bought a copy of this book, Locked-In Love, by Key Barrett MSc for MrsL. (No, I am not getting anything for the link).

I’ve been missing something in our relationship…enforced chastity! Sure the timing is less than ideal since I start traveling again next week but I wanted her to know what it is I’m missing. Written from Key’s perspective as a man, it encompasses much of the energy I feel when in the Steelheart!

We haven’t ordered the HTv3 but that might just happen now…until we can afford the Crucible 2.0 from Steelwerks Extreme.

I also bought one of Key’s other books: Surrender, Submit, and Serve which I will begin, as instructed in the front of the book, to read aloud to MrsL so we can have another open and honest conversation about a true Wife Led Marriage. I don’t know when she slipped back toward vanilla but I want…no I NEED, my dominant Wife and Keyholder back!

Thanks for reading!

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