Good Morning & Locktober

The past few weeks I have been leaving little notes for MrsL around the house when I leave for work.  She really enjoys trying to find them and the messages.  I have to keep them relatively innocuous since 22 is living at home but they are still fun.

This morning, I had blocked my calendar to go visit the Veteran’s Service office on an issue I am having with the VA; however, I didn’t get my shit together last night so I put off that visit until Friday.  22 had to go to his new “part time” job (more on his job hunting and our frustration with the girlfriend in a later post) before I left for work…so…I decided to NOT leave a note for MrsL.  I gave her an awesome GOOD MORNING wake up call like we used to do when it was just the two of us at home.  Needless to say, she loved it much more than a cute little note.  For me, I LOVE having the scent and taste of my wonderful Wife lingering all over my face while at work!!!

I am currently writing a note for each day next week as I have my first international business trip of the year beginning Monday.  I am going to seal each one in an envelope with a “do not open before” the day in question.  I have to keep things fresh.

Well, LOCKtober may or may not happen.  We discussed ordering the Holy Trainer v3 Nano for my travel but she is “still thinking about it.”  I think she likes the current Devotional Sex lifestyle we are leading.  I did show her the Crucible 2.0 from Steelwerks Extreme.  Much to my surprise she said she liked the look of it better than the Steelheart.  Bonus payment is next March…so…maybe?  I guess I’ll just have to behave during LOCKtober or maybe she’ll lock me up when I get back from Santiago, Chile on October 7th?

5 thoughts on “Good Morning & Locktober

    1. Carly, for me the difference is massive. Devotional Sex is solely focused on, well, sexual pleasure for her. It is chastity for me without the physical device being locked on my body.

      A WLM covers all aspects of daily life, sex included, but goes more toward me being totally submissive in all things.

      Hope that helps.

      BTW, I finally bought My Perfect Mistress. I LOVE IT!

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