MrsL’s Birthday Surprise

My apologies for not posting in awhile. Work has been crazy and the weekends have been spent on the lake. I promise to be better.

As of right now, we are safe and Hurricane Florence is only going to bring us lots of rain. 27 and his girlfriend drove up from Charleston Thursday to escape the storm so we have a house full.

Anyway, yesterday was MrsL’s birthday. At one point, 22 left for work and 27 decided to show his girlfriend around his hometown…so the house was empty.

I took a chance and decided to “wrap up” MrsL’s present (go read The Nipple Anchor from August 5th) then sent her a snapchat with my surprise. The surprise ended up being on me!

I’ll write more in more detail later, as I have a house full of guest, here’s the tease: at some point MrsL took my hands and tied them around her hard cock, sat down in front of me, then told me “entertain” her. Oh, she was in charge of stroke speed but I was doing the work. And no…there was no orgasm just a lot of near misses.

More to come. Promise to get back in the swing of regular updates.

5 thoughts on “MrsL’s Birthday Surprise

    1. This first experience was very simple. She took my hands, placed them around my cock fingers interlaced, then took a short length or rope anchored to the base, then simply wrapped the rope around the hands. It was crude but oh so effective.

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