The Nipple Anchor

A few weeks back MrsL and I went to visit the lake house with the in-laws.  She is always willing to have vanilla sex when in her parents house or the lake house but we have never involved kink.

This trip, I took a leap of faith and put her favorite little blue clamps and two lengths of rope in my bag hopeful that she would feel like using them.  Much to my surprise…she did.

MrsL has never been great with ropes and knots.  Quite frankly, neither am I but have a grasp on the “very” basics.  The last night we were there I got a snapchat message (I bought a Verizon hotspot so we could get to the internet for email and it improved our service for texting otherwise our phones are useless at the lake house) instructing me to go upstairs and tie up her toy.  I nearly broke my neck sprinting up the stairs.

After a few iterations, I arrived at a cock harness using my nipples for the anchor point.  She had a blast playing with me when she came up a few minutes later.

Fast forward to today!

I got a snapchat message from her as she dropped off the last of the two women who rode with her to the airport for their conference.  Thankfully, 22 went to the movies with his girlfriend!!!

“I’m five minutes away.  You have that long to harness my cock & balls.  I’m in the mood to play after 4 days away.  See you soon.”  I took the liberty of snapping a picture to share.

Again, it’s not perfect rope work but once again she had a blast.  I’m horny and leaking as I post this after the teasing session: oral, hands, and feet were all used to edge me numerous times!  Very HAPPY!!!

9 thoughts on “The Nipple Anchor

      1. I bought MrsL a little book called Naughty Knots but it is difficult to understand! I wish I could get her to agree to go to a local BDSM rope group. The one time I floated the idea was near disaster…😀

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