Late for Work

There is nothing more rewarding than being late to work with the scent and taste of MrsL lingering all over my face.

Last night we were both exhausted. I was in bed by 11 and don’t remember when she came to bed. As of late, I’ve not been putting on my CPAP until after she comes to bed. However, last night I did and was out cold.

As I was crawling in bed I got a text telling me to wake her up after I had showered so I did as she wished.

I quickly found my head thrust her legs. She must have been playing with herself because her labia were glistening with sweet wetness!

I flattened my tongue out so it was wide enough to cover her fully the made several sexy kicks from the bottom of her sex to the clit to ensure I captured all of that nectar which had her purring like the a lioness.

MrsL reached down and grabbed a hand full of hair holding me in place and began grinding. I let my tongue swirl and flick as that was all I could move. Moments later her body was shuddering from as her orgasm pulsed through her body. There was more sweet nectar for me to gloriously lick up which produced a second even stronger orgasm for her.

As her clit stopped twitching in my mouth after the second orgasm MrsL wiggled her wet pussy back and forth over my mouth, even moving my head sideways to coat my cheeks, then took a foot and pushed me away.

“Stay there on your knees.”

She leaned down placing a finger under my chin pulling my eyes to hers and grinned.

“Good morning my knight. I am sure my scent will keep you going all day.”

She kissed my forehead then got up and sauntered away making sure to pop her hips back and forth as she did.

Such a great morning!

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