Five Days

When MrsL ordered me back in her Steelheart last Saturday it came with a very strong admonition: I had to tell her if and when I felt like I was developing any “hot spots” that could turn into an issue. Otherwise, if I was stubborn and let a hot spot get out of control she would be very upset. I mean, it has been over a year since I was in the Steelheart for more than 2-3 days at a time. Now that I am using the right sized base ring I think I could wear it for much longer periods. The longest lock up I’ve ever experienced was 45 days with weekly supervised cleaning. I want to go much longer.

Well, after five straight days (the longest lock up for me in ages) and getting in/out of the pool all day yesterday without being able to properly dry off I felt two little spots. When we came in from the pool last night she inspected the two areas I indicated then retrieved her key and unlocked me.

We are going to a local minor league baseball game tonight that, of course, requires walking through a metal detector. Provided the hot spots cool off today, I will be relocked tonight. The great thing is we are leaving next Tuesday for a trip back to Tennessee for the week which will include 4 days at my in-laws lake house. She informed me yesterday she has NO intention of leaving her Steelheart at home for that trip either.

So, skin health is important and I’ve learned to listen. I have to remember no matter how comfortable the Steelheart is there will still be rubbing and friction until my body adapts to that confinement. I am lucky MrsL. put her foot down on this issue.

Five days locked with a one day break isn’t bad…for me anyway! Oh, in case your wondering she refused to touch or tease me last night. In her words, “I don’t want to do anything that could aggravate those hot spots. I don’t want you unlocked that long…just enough time for them cool off.” HOT and FRUSTRATING!

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