Traveling While Locked

Happy Independence Day to my U.S. readers.

I posted this photo to my Twitter last night. Laying in the guestroom bed in 27’s apartment. The more incredible thing was listening to MrsL tip toe around how she got me to shave my face every day with his girlfriend. See 27 goes days without shaving and his girlfriend isn’t a fan…especially when he is laying on her lap. So after I went to bed, and apparently so did he, MrsL told her “if you really want him to do something…withholding certain things usually work best.” There was a brief moment of silence then a expressive giggle. Who knows? I’m just amazed at how quickly MrsL (hell both of us) have become smitten with her!

I think this awesome young lady will soon be my future daughter-in-law as 27 asked about buying an engagement ring at dinner. So I have two reasons to be ecstatic, MrsL upping the chastity game and 27 clean, happy, and obviously in love with a beautiful young woman!

3 thoughts on “Traveling While Locked

  1. Congratulations on 27 finding a worthy girlfriend! My first impression was positive, especially compared with previous ladies.
    Thanks for not saying “whilst.” Thumper is wrong- only Brits should say whilst. Americans sound dorky, and should say “while.” (I’ll work up the nerve to say it on his blog sometime.)

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