The Marionnette

We are slowly easing back into a Wife Led Marriage and I couldn’t be happier. Last night was a perfect little acceleration past enforced chastity to discipline.

I left the office at lunch to work from home. I’ll be working from home the rest of the week (well working from 27’s apartment as we are driving to Charleston this afternoon Independence Day festivities). When I got home MrsL pointed out she had not made the bed and I didn’t take the hint. That was the first transgression.

Later in the afternoon we had to take 22’s car to the mechanic for the check engine light. As we walked back to her car I forgot to open her door. Second transgression.

When she came home from swimming I heard her open the door and didn’t hop up to greet her to help bring in the groceries for dinner. Third transgression.

As we were watching TV with 22 my phone chirped with a snapchat message.

“I can’t spank you tonight but I will punish you for three broken rules today. When he goes to bed you will go shave, put on your ankle/wrist cuffs and blindfold then wait in the closet.”

I got hard reading it and the Steelheart was vicious in dealing with the erection.

22 scampered off to bed around 10. I waited ten minutes before getting up. MrsL told me to text her when I was ready.

When the closet door opened her creativity took over.

One little blue clamps was attached to each nipples. I felt the ropes so I thought I knew what was next. Nope!

After being draped over the bar each rope was fed through the O-ring of each ankle cuff. As she applied tension my feet were pulled off of the floor. After finding the right amount of “tug” on the nipples she asked for first my left arm then right. Each wrist cuff then had a rope ran through the O-ring then back over the bar pulling them over my head. Now, I was a little worried that this would hurt my surgically repairs rotator cuff. To my surprise it actually felt good being gently stretched.

There I sat blindfolded the only part of my body still on the floor was my ass. Legs precariously hanging in front of me with any movement putting more tension on the nipples. My arms pulled above my head with any movement causing my feet to away causing more tension on my nipples. It was glorius and yet terrifying. I felt like a marionette.

MrsL leaned in whispering: “Rules are meant to be obeyed. You can EXPECT me to enforce them from now on. I’ll be back after while.”

The door closed. I heard her moving around on the bed and hoped she was going to let me suffer through listening to her pleasure herself. Nope!

She turned on an episode of Younger making sure to turn up the volume for me to hear. She watched the entire 30 minute episode (well 20 minutes on demand without commercials) before coming to end my punishment. All she did was release the clamps before telling me to put everything away then turned to crawl back into bed.

After putting everything I went and curled up her chest. She played with her Steelheart as she reminded me I asked for her to set rules and discipline me if I broke them. I thanked her.

I was then rewarded with being directed to undress her and allowed to shower her body with kisses at her direction. She guided me with her hand interlaced in my hair. As I landed on her soaking wet pussy I eagerly lapped up her nectar and was focused on her orgasm.

My hair was again pulled and I found myself eye to eye. “I don’t want an orgasm tonight. I am doing what I want and tonight that does not include an orgasm. Put on your CPAP mask and curl up behind me.”

Damn! Talk about being frustrated!

This morning she wanted an orgasm…and it was awesome for her. The Steelheart was merciless but having that sexual energy stifled and on that feedback loop has me still buzzing three hours later. When she sat up on the bed she cupped her steel encased penis and grinned an evil grin. “Make sure to pack all of your cleaning supplies. I have decided you are staying locked up while we are traveling.” A gentle pat of the balls left was given then she got up and went to the bathroom.

I don’t know if she will remember to grab her key or not. Either way, it is her decision and I couldn’t be happier.

Communication is key to successful relationship…even after 29 years of marriage.

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