Back in Her Steelheart

Several weeks back I expressed a desire to be pushed beyond the boundary of 85 days without an orgasm. I suggested going to at least triple digits in days.  Initially, MrsL told me she would consider it.  After that conversation she gave me an orgasm after only two weeks.  That took my total for 2018 to ten full orgasms and six spoiled (ruined) orgasms.  That was thirty days ago.

Fast forward to the past two weeks.  MrsL has gone through another stretch of questioning the what and why of the chaste lifestyle and even some of the things she has done (finally pleasuring herself) and being dominant at home; specifically, in our sex life.

It all came to a head last Saturday night at my sister-in-laws house.  We had gone to bed and were both extremely horny.  We had been playing in their pool before bed and it carried over to their guest room.  I tried to get her to slide her hand down to her wet pussy to help me and she noticeably turned off.  I swung around to be kneeling on the floor beside her when she sprung this statement:  “When we started this it was to keep you from pleasuring yourself…why would I want to start doing that when I am so happy with you making me feel so awesome.”

To say I didn’t see that coming would be a colossal understatement. I was completely blindsided.

We talked and she let me eventually bring her to a powerful orgasm. But I felt empty.

All week we danced around each other until Friday night. Sure, she would tease me and I would ultimately find my way to her pussy to make her cum but we were flat.

I had a horrible day at work Friday, we had a minor fight over something stupid, and I went off to bed long before she did. I was still laying there awake when she finally came up. I apologized for being such an ass because of my bad day at work but she knew there was more. Normally I would have said I will write it down in the journal but I really needed to tell her how I felt.

I told her I didn’t know what to expect from her anymore. I told her I was confused because she was proud and excited that she finally pleasured herself to an orgasm and even told me numerous times how she was going to make me listen to her doing it whilst tied up and blindfolded then she just ripped the rug from under my feet. I told her I didn’t want her saying or doing things just because she thought that was what she thought I wanted her to say. Ultimately, I told her that I WANT and NEED to be sexually controlled by her but would alter my expectations if she couldn’t or didn’t want to do it. I told her how I would gladly listen to her pleasuring herself whilst being tied up a thousand times if it would make her more comfortable. I told her that she is a beautiful sensual erotic woman that any man would crave and I had her. I told her I was HONORED to be had by her.

I didn’t ask her to answer when I was done because I knew she wouldn’t. I simply curled up on her chest and went to sleep. It was both relieving and a bit scary.

Yesterday morning, as I went to wake her up I was greeted by my Princess! She has not had that many rapid fire orgasms in a long time. When she was satisfied I found myself being granted permission to slide my rigid cock inside her. It was blissfully awesome. Then it was over! No orgasm…no! She pushed me away sat up on the bed and pointed to the floor. I knelt there and was ordered to look her in the eyes.

“Yes, at first and here recently I have been saying and doing things because I thought it is what you wanted. I was just scared that if I really enjoyed giving myself orgasms it would hurt you. I now know better. I still won’t promise to let you watch or even hear anytime soon but I will continue to explore. Now, when you get dressed be sure to include my Steelheart. We will never get you to triple digits days if you’re not in my Steelheart.”

I was rock hard again. She glanced down and made note of that fact, even playing with the erection with her feet. As she got up I asked if I could wait until I showered and shaved….

She cut me off with a glare. “I said when you get dressed. The house is empty and I like seeing you naked.”

She walked off to the bathroom leaving me speechless.

I am sure we will have more ups and downs but for now I’m back in steel and she is acting like my Princess again. Will she ever follow through and masturbate to an orgasm for me to hear or see….that is her choice!

3 thoughts on “Back in Her Steelheart

  1. I know it seems crazy but some girls do just start to question themselves after being a bit more spontaneous than usual! You kind of lose your nerve and wonder if he really did like it or did it seem as awkward to him as it felt to you.
    I think you said all the right things!! Nice work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. She had an absolute blast teasing me in the Steelheart last night. I haven’t seen that sparkle in her eyes in a long time. That feeling that courses through me when locked up and being teased is almost like a drug!

      Liked by 1 person

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