Focus on Devotional Sex

We are now focusing our enforced chastity efforts toward Devotional Sex again. As much as I love and crave being in her Steelheart, MrsL prefers the other approach.

As I’ve written before, she loves the feeling of me inside her. This is new and a direct by-product of several things.

First, discovering herself sexually. She still hesitates with some things but last night after a lengthy session of Father’s Day Denial, intercourse at her pace with no release for me, she had me go down on her freshly shaven pussy to lick her to a few orgasms. A few times as I was caressing up around her breast I found her fondling and gently pinching her own nipples. It kept me hard and sent a surge of energy through me.

Second, the issues I was having with ED have been resolved. I can get and keep an erection for a nice long (see what I did there) time. MrsL takes full advantage by teasing me often. Hand play, oral, or her favorite listed in the last paragraph happen almost nightly and keeps me on that ragged edge. Now, it is nowhere near as ragged as when I’m in the Steelheart but it is still there.

Third, the scar tissue from my vasectomy always flares up after 3 or 4 days in the Steelheart. We are still saving for a Steelwerks Extreme device; however, the plans for a boat may just jump ahead of that purchase.

All in all, the past few weeks have been a challenge. We have had lots of late night talks, during and after teasing, and are both satisfied with Devotional Sex. I am still dealing with the strong need to explore my bisexual urges. I guess Tumblr will still be my go to for those. And no, in case you’re wondering, I don’t even think about touching or playing with the erection that comes with cruising Tumblr. I channel that energy to MrsL.

We are happy and I’m still buzzing from last night.

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