She Decides

There is nothing more powerful, erotic, and controlling than having my Wife in charge of my orgasm.

Despite the really long day, u was very horny when we went to bed. There was an abundance of sexual energy coming from MrsL as well resulting in some of the best kissing between us in weeks. She still has me unlocked and couldn’t keep her hands off of her hard cock.

While guiding me toward the joy that is her pussy she whispers in my ear: “start slow and follow my wishes but you know what will not happen.”

I can’t remember what it was like to just fuck her until I had an orgasm then roll over leaving her wanting. I can’t believe I ever thought that was okay, because it never was okay.

Now, I feel every millimeter of every fiber that is her sex!

Now, I experience every flex of every one of the numerous muscles that make up her pussy!

Now, I notice her breathing, the way her breast heave when that right spot is stimulated, and how luscious her lips are the more turned on she becomes.

Now, my pleasure is not having an orgasm but drinking in the beauty of my Wife as our bodies undulate in the sheets.


I took all her verbal and non verbal cues last night. Every time she felt me tense up to throttle that initial tingling of a building orgasm she would simply whisper “No” then tell me to count to ten then resume. I counted to ten several times before she placed her loving hands on each shoulder to push my mouth down her body.

Her orgasms last night were great!

She fell asleep as I caressed the small of her back.

Locked in her Steelheart or practicing Devotional Sex…I prefer the former; however, MrsL prefers the latter. All of the angst and confusion I experienced exactly one week ago washed away last night (being fucked last Saturday helped a bit as well).

She decides!

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