Out of the trap

For those of you keeping score, and you know who you are, MrsL didn’t make it the full 48 hours.

Saturday morning was brilliant. She, again, ventured into new and exciting territory when I woke her up by fondling and stroking me for a few minutes all the while refusing to let me kiss her. All I could think about was ravishing her.

Reaching up to loop a finger in the leather cord around my neck she pulled me in for a long deep kiss before turning my head to whisper in my ear: “I’m going to hold my cock in my hand but you have to edge yourself. Do it until I say stop. Get me some coconut oil, please.”

I felt a hand on my chest pushing me away. I was rock hard and mad with desire.

As I backed away she flung the covers off of her body exposing perky suckable nipples. Noticing I was not moving earned a threat to just get up so I quickly turned to retrieve the oil from the bathroom.

Her hand was extending over the bed palm up. I scooped oil from the jar placing it in her hand. I was entranced watching her warm the oil in her hand…languidly working the cold congealed lump into a glistening slick lubricant.

After pointing where she wanted me to stand she lightly gripped the raging erection… “Go ahead…I’m watching.”

I started slowly at first earning a rebuke from MrsL. Once again a finger looped in the leather pulled me down face to face this time not for a kiss. “I said edge yourself in my hand! If I have to tell you again you will go back in the Steelheart for a month. Now go. Oh, don’t you dare have an orgasm!”

As I slid back and forth in her enclosed hand she would vary her grip. When she would sense me getting close she would just let go leaving me humping air. This went on for thirty minutes before she told me to stop. Of course, she had to stroke me right to the brink before she quit and got up: “Don’t you dare cum on my new sheets…or break eye contact with me.”

I was trying not to scream “close” too loudly as 22 is home. That didn’t happen. Whether he heard or not…he never lets on. Every time I said close she would smile, take a 2-5 second break, then start all over again. On the fifth or six time I started uttering close she reached up and cupped my balls while stroking. “Don’t you dare…” then let go hopping out of bed laughing.

I stood there for several seconds clinching every muscle in my body as the penis twitched and leaked. I am amazed that I didn’t cum!

Saturday evening, while 22 was out with his girlfriend, she sent me up to get ready for fucking. That too was incredible. She still will not wear the harness when she fucks me…maybe someday…but she did warm me up with a few fingers before using the 6″ for a long while then moved to the 8″. Needless to say, I screamed close a few times while bent over with her didlo in my ass. Unfortunately, she also couldn’t bring herself to making me suck either one of them. Again, maybe some day.

We went to bed later that night with the clock still running on no touching her.

I’m not sure who she was dreaming about Saturday night but whoever it was they had her moaning, groaning, and writhing in the bed off and on all night. She woke me up fondling my erection smiling at me: “If you go shave that face…I’ll let you touch me.”

I was out of bed and back clean shaven in a couple of minutes. Needless to say she was horny and wanted something. Guiding my hands and mouth where and when she wanted, I was able to give her numerous strong orgasm. After the last she told me her body was no longer off limits.

Back to normal…for now.

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