Springing a Trap

Things around the house are definitely improving since our talk the other night. So much so that I fell right into a perfectly timed frustrating trap.

I recently wrote in our journal how being locked in her Steelheart was something I desired. I told her how being denied an orgasm created an overwhelming desire and need for her.

I also wrote how being denied the pleasure of touching her beautiful naked body and giving her orgasm were both even more frustrating and magnified my desire for her 1000 fold.

Last night as she was allowing me to nuzzle her breast she sprang a trap: “When I get to 10 you can no longer touch me. I’ll go slow. One….”

My heart raced and my mind was a blur of what did she just say and Noooo!!! Two…

I began kissing her neck then quickly moved to the other breast. Three….

I kissed and nibbled down the centerline of her body landing my mouth directly on the mound of her clit eliciting a huge sigh. Four….Five! I whimpered noticeably earning a hearty laugh from her.

As I began voracioisly lapping at her wet pussy, Six, Seven, and Eight came in rapid succession. I felt her fingers lacing in my hair. Seconds later she pulled my mouth away from her body leaving my tongue desperately close to her now visibly moist labia.

As Nine and Ten were spoken she arched up grinding against my exposed tongue before pushing me away as the “n” of ten cleared her lips.

The Steelheart was mercilessly throttling my balls effectively keeping the attempt at an erection at bay. My hormones were raging creating a strong WANT to roll back over and finish her orgasm.

When she rolled over straddling me, making sure my hands were under my body, the trap slammed shut.

“Oh, I forgot to mention that this no touching is for 48 hours and it only applied to my naked body.”

My “not fair” protest earned a brutally stern glare with a hand finding my swollen balls for a painful squeeze.

“Excuse me! Not only do I own your body…I own my body and when or if I choose to give it to you. Are we clear?”

I mumbled an unsatisfactory yes earning a tighter squeeze of my balls.

“I said, Are We Clear? Look me in the eye as you answer!”

As I peered into the blue ocean of her eyes I clearly pronounced, “Yes, Princess.”

MrsL spent the next hour reinforcing her rules.

“You may not kiss me…but I can and will kiss you” was followed with a long deep kiss from her as she held my arms to my side. She then put them above my head and while pinning them there brushed her breast over my face.

“You may not lick, kiss, or fondle my breast…but I can and will pleasure myself by rubbing them all over your body.

What she did next was maddeningly awesome.

“You may not touch my pussy or let my Steelheart touch my pussy…but I can and will have an orgasm while sitting just like this before the weekend is over…just not now.” Sliding one hand between our bodies she positioned the Steelheart so it slid inside her. She sat there flexing, grinding, and moaning then just stopped. Wow!

Rolling off of me she caught me staring at her breast. “Oh, I bet you want to do this right now….”

She has NEVER fondled her breast. That changed last night. I was mesmerized watching her toy with her nipples. Moments later she ordered me to kneel between her legs with my face inches away from her glistening pussy.

“I know you want to lick here, don’t you…”

Her hand appeared deftly separatating her labia allowing a single finger to glide inside her. After a few minutes fingering her self the now wet finger found her clit. She let out the most soulful moan I’ve ever heard. MrsL again worked herself to the brink then stopped.

“Again, before the weekend is over you will get to HEAR me finish my own orgasm like that. I’m thinking you’ll be trussed in the closet blindfolded while I’m on the bed enjoying myself. Doesn’t that sound like fun, my knight?”

I was a stammering mess.

She told me to get her key then come lay down and put my CPAP mask on. After unlocking and removing her Steelheart she curled up on my chest: “remember I own your body and MY BODY. If I am naked you cannot touch me…but I can and will touch you whenever, wherever, and however I choose. You will shave my cock and balls in the morning before waking me up. My Steelheart will remain off so I can play with my toys all weekend. Goodnight!”

She rolled over and was asleep in what seemed like seconds. I lay there amazed at what had just happened. It was glorius. I kept thinking how was I going to control myself the rest of the weekend before dozing off.

This morning was even better but I have things I have to do so I’ll finish this later!

5 thoughts on “Springing a Trap

  1. I love your wife! I love that she found her dominant side and is able to enjoy her sex life. To be honest, what you described today almost does not sound real. Such a powerful, sexy woman. According to you a few weeks ago she felt uncomfortable to masturbate. and now she has developed into this vixen? Well, if it is true, I envy you both!
    Reading your post is the best erotic writing!


    1. I can’t explain it other than to say she keeps me guessing. I can still sense and see her true unease with touching herself. However, she has always enjoyed grinding on top. There are nights when she is a Tigress and nights when she is not. Last night took me by surprise. If you haven’t read Journal Surprise from a few weeks back check it out. She has recently discovered how to pleasure herself.

      What I don’t write about in any great detail are the dozens of times she tells me she is going to do this or that and it never happens because she gets lost in some project or some television show or playing games on her phone. Those are way more frequent than the random days when she does get powerfully sexy.

      Oh, and we have just had a long conversation about our kinky relationship after my rough day on Wednesday.


  2. Sometimes you do something BIG like that and a day later are so freaked out by what you did it takes a lot of time to talk yourself back into that delightful headspace no matter how supportive your partner is. Twenty or so years of religious programming is incredibly tough to shake off.

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