I received quite a few very supportive and helpful comments on here and through Twitter DM after yesterday’s post.

Thanks to everyone. I am good! MrsL and I are great after a chat last night.

Yes, I’m still in her Steelheart because we both agreed I needed to stay locked up. Quite frankly, by the time I got home I had resolved wanting out of it.

Yes, the key is still in the same place because she trust me never to use it without permission. However I did show her an Etsy vendor who turns keys into awesome concealed lockets and she is actively considering that option.

No, I did not bring up my current strong bisexual urges. Someday…? Until then I will troll my Tumblr account. Plus, without me bringing it up, she said this weekend would be a great time to bring out both of her dildos and reintroduce me to them. She even said if I got too mouthy she might just have to have me suck on one of them. When she added “kind of like Becca had Adam do on Dane”, it sent chills through my entire body…and she noticed. That is a reference to the last part of this story. I give the stories I write to her to read. After she read this one she danced around asking if any of me was in Adam. I told her then it was all just enough erotic fiction. Maybe she thinks otherwise? After that comment I simply told her I was hers to do with or make do anything she wanted. “That’s good to know…” was the last words we spoke last night!

Yes, after that we just cuddled naked (we both sleep naked because there is nothing more comforting than skin to skin cuddling) and fell asleep with her holding the Steelheart. That, in and of itself, quited all of my frustrations.

So again, Thanks to everyone for the comments and support.

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