I’m Back…

Wow, has it really been a month since I last wrote on my blog.  I feel like I’ve neglected it and my readers and I apologize.  With being made to move into an actual office and having 22 back at home, it has been incredibly difficult to find time to write.  I’ll just have to figure it out.  Not only have I not been on my blog, I have let the story of Adam and Becca’s first time “stag & vixen” weekend linger without finishing.  Notice, I didn’t refer to it as a cuckold weekend.  I have come to realize I really want and crave for MrsL to have sex with other men but I don’t want the “humiliation” aspect that comes with cuckolding.  I think the stag/vixen mentality is more appropriate. I’m working on part 3.  I hope to have it posted soon.

The month of May blew through our household like a tornado.  Two graduations in successive weekends followed by a much needed and fantastically relaxing week of vacation completely devoured the month.

While we were on vacation, MrsL was in full tease and denial mode and granted me one orgasm at the beginning of vacation and one at the end (well, I had been at work for a couple of days).  She has reinstated the rule that I consume my own cum and to be honest I’m glad.  I have acquired a taste for my own cum, even if I only have it every other month or so. The scent and taste really rev up my libido, which she enjoys, allowing me to get hard again quicker than usual.  I still fantasize about eating another man’s cum out of her or being “forced” by her to give another man a blow job.  All I know is I truly love the taste of cum.

She surprised me when she reinstated this rule.  I had not had an orgasm for over 45 days.  She allowed me inside her pussy and was controlling the speed and depth of my thrust into her.  She had me edge myself numerous times as she skillfully gripped the penis with her vaginal muscles.  It was glorious.  When she finally simply said “yes” when I told her I was close (for the 15th or 20th time) I erupted feeling the penis pulse five or six times.  As I lay there, buried deep inside her, she flexed again whispering in my ear: You will go down there right now and lick up every last drop of that cum…understand?

The penis had been slowly deflating but sprang back to life when I heard that statement.  She actually giggled when she felt it beginning to stiffen again.  She put her hands on my shoulders  and gently applied pressure.  At the same time, she was bearing down with her pussy and expelled the now stiff penis.  The combination was mentally overwhelming.  I could feel her control and reveled in it.

I was initially overwhelmed at the sight. 45 days worth of cum was a lot and I almost balked; however, once that glorious scent hit my nose my desire kicked in and I gave her half a dozen orgasms as I cleaned her up.  Afterwards she reinforced her decision by saying: You will never use anything but your mouth to clean me up ever again. One moment of hesitation will earn you a long….long time in the Steelheart!

Our chastity lifestyle has ebbed and flowed wildly over the three (or is it four) years. I guess it is now flowing full tilt again.

As for the family, I’ll post an update soon. Thanks for hanging around during my hiatus!

Oh, I neglected to mention the spanking I got. She has, when 22 is not around, relaunched discipline into our life. More details to follow…let’s just say I had a tough time sitting for awhile afterwards. Funny how I got a rock hard erection when she told me to go to the garage and how ever so quickly it went away after the first swat landed. She meant business!

4 thoughts on “I’m Back…

  1. I have missed your blog, but absolutely understand that life gets in the way. Look forward to hear updates on the family, too. Hope you have a good summer!

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