Frustrated…Good & Bad

Over the past nine days I have been in MrsL’s Steelheart six. The glory of being locked up again was delicious! The level of sexual frustration was exquisite. That’s the good.

My body and the damn scar tissue from the vasectomy 10 years ago flaring and swelling is the BAD frustration! My balls were so damn tender yesterday after she let me out to go to the ballgame that I didn’t even want her attention in bed last night…so SHE was frustrated! So much so that she refused to let me help as she fingered herself to her own orgasm! Just watching and listening was pure joy and the ultimate in frustration. Knowing she is now able, and more importantly willing, to pleasure herself is a powerful feeling!

Guys, if you are considering a vasectomy I have one word for you: DON’T! Oh, in case any of you are wondering, I had the inflammation issue with the scar tissue long before we started living a chastity lifestyle! It flares up for no apparent reason at times. I’m sure being in a trapped ball chastity device exacerbates it but I’ve gone weeks locked up without issue.

Definitely have to rethink the type/style device!

9 thoughts on “Frustrated…Good & Bad

  1. Im a little late to the party (found your blog thru others and have been reading it from the beginning) but I had a vasectomy 30 years ago and havent had any problems with scar tissue, ever, even tho my Mrs. and I have been playing with chastity on/off for close to 2 years (hoping that She will truly come to accept it and embrace it like your Mrs. 😁). Really enjoy your blog and hope you continue. As you can tell I’ve only gotten this far with catching up to the present (dont really like to read the new till I get there lol) but have been cheering for your oldest since the beginning, hoping he has really got a good grip on his recovery (will find out as I read on).
    Again, I’ve really enjoyed your blog, keep it up!!

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    1. Thanks. I’ve come to realize my body produces lots of scar tissue. My left knee, according to the VA, has scar tissue along with a possible torn meniscus. I am at the point where any activity causes swelling and pain. As for the scar tissue from the vasectomy, I read having issues with it long before chastity.

      28 is doing awesome. I owe my readers an update on both boys. Stay tuned! Thanks for reading!


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