Quickie Update

Back in MrsL’s Steelheart πŸ˜€!

Had a fantastic conversation when I got home Thursday afternoon resulting in being locked up yesterday morning after a night of pure unfettered sexual joy for her and I both. I don’t think I have ever maintained an erection for as long as I did, unaided by anything, Thursday night. She was in full control dictating speed, depth, and of course my orgasm.

Oh in case you’re wondering, she had several and made me spoil one on her stomach. That had to be the most soul crushing spoiled orgasm I have ever experienced followed by her hand in my hair directing my clean up services. As I got up to go put on her Steelheart, MrsL grabbed my arm and graciously allowed me to sleep without it.

It is a wonderful feeling being back in the confines of stainless steel. It is almost like my body accepted it as there was only one overnight erection that woke me up. MrsL already likes how my body reacts to the slightest whisper of her touch. Her smile when that happens is part joy part pure sexy evil!

Travel will be limited for awhile due to a “freeze” imposed by corporate. We had the best year ever in 2017 and crushed first quarter but due to the wild commodity markets and global tension the senior leadership is hedging a bit on spending. I say that because this portends a long stretch of being locked up.

This morning MrsL informed me we were going to work into 100% lock up over a period of a couple of weeks to avoid any soreness or irritation. The plan is: 2 days locked / 1 day unlocked; 3 days locked / 1 day unlocked; 4 days locked / 12 hours unlocked; 5 days locked / 6 hours unlocked

At the end of this “training cycle,” MrsL hinted that once the key is removed from the core sealing her cock in steel I will no longer have access to the key. She wants to truly explore the “enforced” aspect of chastity. I asked about weekly removal for thorough cleanings and she has agreed; however, they will be supervised.

While I have never used the key without her permission the sheer fact that she is going to make it unavailable makes me very happy.

Also, CFNM is back in effect, Devotional Sex is on hold for awhile…seeing how I am in her Steelheart, and I got a nasty “catch up” spanking as domestic discipline is back! The CFNM may not last long as 22 will probably be home for a awhile after May 12th, at least until he finds a good job.

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