A First Time Tryst Chapter 2

Fiction.  Enjoy. Read Chapter 1 to get caught up

A gentle salty breeze caused Adam to stir.  Through bleary eyes he noticed the windows were open, the curtains furling in the breeze.  He lay there for a second before bolting upright in the bed.  Becca was not there.  His eyes shot to the chair where Dane had fallen asleep a tinge of jealousy coursing through his blood.  That jealousy quickly crashed.  A smile curled on his lips as he saw Dane still sprawled where he collapsed.  An even bigger smile broadened on his mouth when he noticed Dane’s cock was rock hard.  His heart skipped a beat as he remembered how sweet Becca’s nectar tasted on his cock.

The breeze waned long enough for Adam to hear the shower running.  Glancing at the nightstand he realized it was 6 a.m. very early for Becca to be up.  The sheets snared him as he moved.  The more he scrambled to get to the shower the more he felt like he was fighting with an octopus.  All of his rustling caused Dane to stir.  He paused long enough to ensure Dane didn’t wake up then slipped out of the sheets.

Damn,!  he muttered under his breath as the shower was shut off. Seconds later the door opened and the beauty of Becca’s wet body filled his eyes.

“Good morning, my knight….imagine that…I am up before either of my boys…” Becca giggled as she wrapped her hair in a towel remaining completely naked.  “What do you think we should do today?”

Adam couldn’t stop looking at his Princess.  His senses were being overwhelmed.  There was something about her at that very moment.

She had an aura around her.

She moved as if floating.

Her skin was glowing.

Her scent was intoxicating.

“Adam, are you okay?” was the first words he heard in a few seconds.  “Honey, I’ve asked you now twice if you wanted to go get breakfast and you’re just staring at me…you had me worried…”

“Princess, you are absolutely stunning right now.  You know those stories about the songs of the sirens…well…that’s what was going on right now.  I am enthralled with you.  Oh, yes I am ready to go get breakfast.”

Becca stood there beaming.  She felt different.  The love she had for Adam had exploded overnight.  She was so afraid having sex with another man would cause her to question her love for Adam and was ecstatic at just how she felt this morning.  Loving Adam and being his keyholder coupled with knowing his desire to see her become his Vixen made her feel sexy.  She could sense her female power surging.

They reached for each other simultaneously sharing a deep hug and passionate kiss.  A grunt from the end of the bed jolted them back to reality.

“Uh, hope I’m not interrupting something special here?”

Dane had been watching his new found friends since Becca strolled out of the bathroom. He could see their love for each other and sensed it had gotten stronger overnight.

“I hope you guys don’t mind…I’m going to shower then meet….”

Becca cut him off curtly.

“Dane, we had a great time last night and I fully plan on having even more fun later today…into the night.  However, right now Adam and I are going to spend some time together.  If we see you at the pool great.  If not, let’s plan on drinks in the bar tonight around 8.”

She walked over, her wet nakedness glistening in the sunlight beaming through the open window, leaned down, and kissed the head of Dane’s semi erect cock.

“I think both of us,” shooting a coy glance over her shoulder at Adam, “want more of this tonight.  See you then.”

Becca gave Dane’s cock a few quick strokes then licked up the shaft before stepping back so he could leave.  She followed him to the shared door locking theirs behind him. She turned to find Adam standing there his cock standing straight out.

“Damn, you are really excited.  What has you so hot and bothered?”

Adam stammered through a choppy reply:

“How…did…” gulping air to steady himself… “you…know….I…would….want….”

Becca had crossed the room as Adam attempted to answer gripping her hard cock.  With her devilish smile lighting up her face and locking his gaze with hers daring him to look away, she began stroking Adam as she answered his incomplete question.

“How did I know what my love?  Know you wanted to play with a guy?  It was just a hunch.”

Adam stood there relishing in her gaze and sexual touch inherently knowing he should not say anything.

“Why don’t you lay down and let me play for a few minutes…before we go to breakfast?”

She pushed him down on the bed then alternately nibbled up the inside of each leg before sucking both of his balls in her mouth.  Flicking her tongue underneath his sac she began rapidly stroking his cock.

Adam lay there swimming in the sensations Becca was giving him.  He was fully lost in the throes of pleasure when everything stopped.  Moments later he was getting his most favorite thing in the world!

Becca stopped long enough to turn around, her ass to his face.  Reaching back, Becca playfully parted her cheeks and planted her pussy on Adam’s mouth.

“One of us will get another orgasm right now…guess who?”

Becca began slowly arching her body back and forth over Adam’s exposed tongue.  When Adam tried to move his head, thinking he was helping his Princess, he was rewarded with a swift punishing slap of his balls.

“I need you to be still….I’ll get what I want myself. You are my sex toy right now! Stick your tongue out…I’ll take care of the rest.”

Becca settled in to a rhythm.  She had explored her body and knew exactly where to rub, grind, and squirm to build her own orgasm.  What Adam didn’t know is that she had also figured out, through pleasuring herself, how to have her own squirting orgasm and she was going to give him an early breakfast.

Becca moved herself around on his mouth until she found just the right angle and pressure then began grinding faster and faster.  The quicker her pace became the more wet she became.  She was so wet that Adam struggled through a hard swallow a couple of times.  Each time she gave him a firm slap to the balls for breaking her rhythm.  Each slap she gave Adam sent waves of pleasure pulsing through her body…she relished in that feeling….letting it add to the glorious sensations building up inside her.

Becca found that special pressure, angle, and speed needed to have a squirting orgasm.  As that newly identified sensation of an orgasm reached it zenith Becca let out a long audible gasping OOOOOHHHHH.

Adam could tell something was different. Becca’s grinding was more intense.  Her pussy was wetter than he ever remembered.  He swallowed a couple of times and paid for it with a painful slap to his balls but he didn’t mind.  He could feel her pace and pressure increasing.  He could hear her breathing become more focused.  He could sense something special was about to happen.  Seconds later Becca screamed.  

Becca arched up as the fantastical sensation raced through her body.  She felt her cum gushing from her body and wanted to ensure Adam could handle it all.

Adam lay there furiously gulping, swallowing, and lapping at Becca’s pussy.   Even with his best effort he still wound up with some of her juices all over his face.  He was drunk on her cum and wanted to drink all of it.

As he was diligently trying to lick up every drop of her nectar his attention was jolted back by her laugh.

“Well…look who had an unauthorized orgasm?”  Becca giggled.

Adam had not even felt or noticed he had a hands free orgasm.  Apparently neither had Becca until now. He could feel her scooping up the puddle from his stomach before she turned around placing her cum filled hand to his mouth.

“Well my knight, you get two treats this morning.  One from me and one from you.  Open up.  I hope I surprised you.”

Gleefully lapping at her hand, Adam just smiled.  His entire face lit up letting Becca know she had met her goal for the day.

“Now, go shower and put on my Steelheart so we can go to breakfast.”

Adam furrowed his forehead giving her a perplexed look.

“What you didn’t think I would leave you unlocked ALL weekend did you…not to mention you had an unauthorized orgasm just now.  If you are a really good boy today…I will unlock you later tonight because I think Dane wants to suck your cock almost as bad as you want to suck his.  Now go!”

Becca lounged on the bed as Adam showered drifting in an out of sleep.  She couldn’t wait to spend a relaxing day with Adam then a energy filled night of sex with Dane and Adam.

Dane heard the lock click on the door.  He was sore and stiff from sleeping in that chair.  The previous night was more than he had hoped for and he could not wait for more fun later that night.  He heard some playful chatter coming from behind the closed door so he decided to listen a little.

Sitting with his back to the adjoining door, Dane stroked himself while listening to the action in the next room erupting as Becca’s cry reached a crescendo.  Licking his cum off of his hand he thought:  Damn….I can’t wait to be with them both later tonight.




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