6 thoughts on “New Laws

  1. My understanding is that it is aimed at third party providers, like who hosts your blog. You are not soliciting or implying that you or anyone you represent is available for sex for money or other considerations. It’s all scary, but I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Your blog falls under 1st Amendment.

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  2. There’s nothing you are doing that violates any laws.

    HOWEVER some web hosts are using it as an excuse to (again) do a blitz on adult content. WordPress.com and blogger.com used to do this regularly, and just suspend blogs as they wished.

    If you are on a paid host, you can check their TOU, however my host is currently telling fellow sex bloggers to move off their servers due (apparently) to a new investor.

    I’d love it if David was right about 1st amendment rights, but that’s not how it works with private enterprises.

    So: Keep current backups just in case. If you’re paying for hosting, I expect they will warn you before taking any action. If you are on free hosting, they probably won’t.


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    1. I will have to fix that, this week! MrsL and I spent the weekend with 27 and his girlfriend. I have not been happier to see him. It seems like only yesterday we were frantically trying to keep him alive long enough for the ambulance to arrive with Narcan. Serious post to follow this week!


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