Two for Two

Talk about a monster tease!  Yesterday was just that and I am very much dopamine challenged.  It has rolled over into today in a frustrating sort of way.

As I was going back upstairs to wake up MrsL I was surprised to find her already climbing out of bed.  She said she had been laying there awake for several minutes and finally decided to get up.  We chatted for a few minutes then she ventured into the bathroom to relieve herself.  Since I had been up for over an hour and had on sweats I stripped down and waited on the side of the bed.

MrsL confidently strode out of the bathroom and shoved me back on the bed before pouncing on top of me effectively pinning me to the bed.  She would alternate hovering a nipple just out of the reach of my mouth, and tongue after I stuck it out and was able to lick one of them, for several minutes.  Ultimately, each breast was planted firmly over my mouth letting me lick, flick, and swirl my tongue over a nipple while she was grinding her pussy on my thigh.  It was wild.

In a move that would make a jujitsu master happy; she rolled over flipping me on top of her sinking her hands into my hair.  She controlled where my mouth went, told me what she wanted my tongue to do, then purred like the satisfied lioness she was at the time.  When she was ready my hair was used to guide my mouth to her wet labia.  “Tongue out…Don’t Move!” was all I heard.

She used my hair to move my head how and where she wanted.  When something felt good she pulled in harder and would grind harder.  After several minutes of this attention, MrsL released my hair and told me to finish.

Gently parting her labia with my fingers, I slowly licked up from the space between her ass and pussy on each labia savoring every last drop of her womanly cum.  I shot my tongue deep inside her gently flicking over her G spot making her squirm and release even more of her cum (she is not a shooter but she flows like the Mississippi river once started).  Finally, flaring my tongue to make it as wide as possible, I licked up the width of her opening before planting my mouth directly over her engorged clit.  Arching up rapidly she nearly launched me off of the bed.  Her first orgasm raced through her body into my mouth.  As the twitching of her clit subsided, I again ran my tongue from her ass up through her pussy to capture all of her nectar.

I felt my hair being pulled harshly forcing me to crawl up to her.  I was rewarded with a long deep kiss while her hand found the still rigid cock (my doctor has finally figured out the ED issues and it is awesome)!

“I want that inside me, NOW.”

MrsL positioned the head to her opening then flexed her vaginal muscles while I gently glided inside.  It felt like she was engulfing me with each flex. As I began a slow and steady pace trying to picture anything in my head to help keep control, MrsL told me to stop and look at her.  Buried inside her she clamped down on my cock:

“In case you’re wondering, it is not going to happen two days in a row.  Your job is to edge yourself inside me…but you can’t pull out when you are close.  Don’t lose control. Now start.”

As I began my controlled pace she began talking about how I would feel that sensation starting in my toes as she rubbed her feet over mine; how I would feel the tingling in my thighs while she caressed my legs with her feet; how I would feel my upper body tense as she raked her freshly manicured nails up my rib cage; finally how I would feel my hair stand on end as my body erupted…but….it can’t today.  She played me like a damn fiddle.  Every time I would have to stop and focus she wrapped her legs around my hips and flexed those damnably glorious vaginal muscles making almost impossible to not have an orgasm.

After repeating this exquisite torture six times, I think as I lost count trying not to have an unauthorized orgasm, I began my slow rhythmic pace.  MrsL was having none of it.

“Faster,” she said.

I increased ever so slightly.

“I said faster but don’t you dare cum inside me!”

In between gulps of air I muttered something about losing control.

“I changed my mind…I WANT IT….CUM INSIDE ME NOW!”

I don’t know what was so different than the day before but this one had my eyes rolling back in my head and every muscle in my body firing off like the finale of a Fourth of July fireworks show.

“That was the reaction I was looking for yesterday…this one was so much better for both of us.”  Again, gripping a handful of hair:

“Don’t you even think about walking away. I now get to have more orgasms from you cleaning me up.”

My mouth was firmly placed on her leaking pussy before MrsL wrapped her legs around my head holding me in place.  She pulsed through four more orgasms as I licked her clean.  The strongest of them came with my tongue buried inside her flicking her G spot again.

That was the good.  Now for the not so good.

I did have a bit of a drop yesterday.  We actually discussed my drop off Saturday while laying in bed after our sexual escapades.  She admitted she hadn’t even noticed because she had been focused on getting ready for her sales show all day.  She promised to watch for any signs of moodiness and brattiness.  She even asked me if I was asking to be locked in her Steelheart.  Even though I said yes she opted to leave me unlocked warning me to behave.  And, for most of the day I was able to catch myself slipping.

Today; however, is a different story.

Without going into too many details we have had two spats today both over stupid shit.  One of them I instigated and one she instigated…both petty.  We are good and after we slow down today we will have a long conversation and get reset.  I am going to ask to be locked up for the rest of the week…stay tuned.

Needless to say, I currently have a love / hate relationship with having an orgasm!






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