A Definite Drop Off & Other Thoughts

After 48 days, MrsL was in a very generous mood this morning!

I let her sleep in, as is the norm on weekends, longer than usual.  We had a blast last night dancing to all of the best “dance” songs of the 80’s until late.  We have decided it is learn how to be adults again and a neighbor who works in the non profit industry had put together this benefit concert with a band that does all 80’s music.  It was great.  We both collapsed in the bed when we got home after midnight completely exhausted.

Her wake up is a sensual affair.  A long back rub, gentle caressing, showering kisses all over her body; ultimately, culminating in as many orgasms as she wants.  This morning was a little different.  I LOVE being able to work her in to a lather then be rewarded by burying my tongue deep inside her pussy to lap up her nectar prior to sucking, nibbling, and flicking my tongue all over her labia and clit until orgasms explore through her body.  This morning was all of that and MORE!

Just when I thought she was done, MrsL placed her legs on my shoulders then brought her hands up to her inner thighs.  I was already using the thumbs and first two fingers on each hand to gently knead her clit which was having quite the effect.  She slowly slid her fingers along her inner thighs until she moved mine out of the way and proceeded to begin pleasuring herself.  In between deep sighs as she worked herself toward another orgasm:

“I need that cock inside me….”

Watching her play with herself had brought a new surge of blood into the semi soft penis.  She was gloriously wet and I was buried inside in seconds.  I didn’t move!  I wanted to bask in the sight, sound, and feeling of the moment.   She moaned loudly as an orgasm cascading through her body onto my cock.  I nearly lost control from it all, even without moving once.  Smiling up at me, MrsL told me to “Go for it…”  A few strokes later my inner thighs began tingling, my body began quaking, my mind was racing trying to keep up with hormones raging through the body.  A few more strokes brought that quickening of breath…the tightness of the balls…followed by that first blast of ecstasy as the orgasm shot out of my body.  OH HELL YEAH!

I took a step back looking down at cum flowing freely out of her pussy.  I know the rules.  I am supposed to clean up after myself.   I didn’t.  As I grabbed the t-shirt I had thrown off earlier to clean her up MrsL frowned but didn’t say anything….until a few moments later.  “That is going to cost you tomorrow on discipline day.”

I think that, along with the massive orgasm I had after 48 days, has contributed to my feeling of blah all day.  I haven’t had a real post orgasmic drop in a long time.  It SUCKS.  I have no motivation.  All I want to do is crash on the couch…which I am doing now as MrsL is doing a home show for someone.  I know what I should be doing:  laundry, vacuuming, dusting, and my other weekend chores but I just have no desire to do any of it.  Hopefully, MrsL will know how to deal with it when she gets home…?

As for the other thoughts:

MrsL finally read the two stories I posted here earlier:  A First Time Tryst and Teaching Him A Lesson.  I made a few edits to the tryst story on the version I gave to her.  The edits changed to tone from a cuckold experience to a “stag” / “vixen” experience.  The other day as we were walking, trying to get in shape for our trip to Maui next February, I asked her what she thought about the stories.  To my surprise she was more taken aback by the “abuse”, as she called it, at the end of Teaching Him A Lesson.  Point taken, I guess.  She went on to say that the whole idea of Becca making Adam break down, “the tears mixing with the saliva” made her feel bad.  I told her the tears were Adam realizing how much of an ass he had been and just how sorry her was for his actions…not from the pain.

Surprisingly, she said she enjoyed A First Time Tryst with one exception…the bisexual action at the end.  I inquired if she would consider reading the rest of that story, which is almost ready for publication, she just smiled and said yes (what you didn’t think I was going to leave that story ending on Friday night did you?).  I followed up with making sure she would be okay with the bisexual aspect continuing…and…she said yes again.  More progress…?

So, be watching for chapter 2 of the weekend tryst.

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