Teaching Him A Lesson


Becca was excited to get home. She had been at her annual conference for 4 days and wanted nothing more than to unlock Adam’s Steelheart and tease him mercilessly before making him use that magic tongue of his on her wanting pussy. She was scheduled on a 3 p.m. flight; however, was able to get on the 7 a.m. flight. She wanted to surprise him and was excited that they were going to have all day to play. It was 9 a.m. when she turned on to their street.

On the drive home from the airport, the first indication that something was amiss was Adam wasn’t answering his phone. She knew he was at home because the alarm was still set to stay. How many times had she checked on him by using the app from the alarm company to ensure the house was alarmed when she was out of town…she lost track but it gave her a since of comfort. Slowly, the ache in her womanhood turned to frustration at not hearing from him. As she pulled in the garage, the second indication of an issue greeted her…Adam didn’t meet her at the door. She was now both worried and a bit upset. When she opened the door the worry vanished and the upset bubbled in to full on being pissed off.

The sink was full of dishes. There was not one but three empty wine bottles sitting at different locations in the kitchen. The garbage can was overflowing and there were clothes in the dryer. When she rounded the corner to the family room there was Adam wearing pajamas asleep in his recliner. A half eaten plate of food was on the table beside his recliner.

Adam had been a brat for several weeks. Becca thought by extending his time in the Steelheart and controlling how often she let him touch her would have resolved this bratty behavior. Obviously, she thought to herself, she had been wrong. She decided it was time to reign in his poor behavior. She had to teach him a lesson and reassert her place in the Wive Led Marriage.

Adam was restless and groggy. There had been a lot of wine consumed last night. As he began waking up, thinking he had ample time to clean up, he could sense something wasn’t right. He opened his eyes and nearly jumped clear out of the recliner when he saw his Becca standing there glaring at him.

“What are you doing here right now, Princess? You weren’t due until later this afternoon.”

“I wanted to surprise you but obviously the surprise is on me. Get up!”

Adam flipped the recliner closed then jumped up in front of Becca. Reaching out to give her a hug he was instantly rebuffed.

“Do you really think I am going to hug you right now. I am pissed off at the condition of this house. I am really upset that you have clothes on…AND…why in the hell is there food in here on my new carpet?”

Adam moved to start taking his pajamas off but Becca had other thoughts. She hated this set of pajamas he was wearing and had asked him to throw them out dozens of times. She hated these pajamas because they were covered with naked women’s bodies. Adam hadn’t worn them in years but she knew he still had them squirreled away somewhere. She would fix that right now.

“Stand still and don’t move.”

Becca walked in to her office grabbing a pair of scissors from her desk drawer. Confidently striding back to Adam she bent down and began cutting open the right then left leg before slicing through the waist band. She then pulled the shirt out away from his waist and cut up through the shirt. As the shirt fell to the floor she ordered Adam to the garage.

Adam’s face sunk as he knew he was in for a severe spanking. He positioned himself on the hood of her car, the warmth of the engine ever present on his chest, and waited.

Over the years, Becca had acquired several impact toys. A couple of them would be used today.

She began with a leather flogger Adam had bought for her. It had a lot of heft but was easy to swing. The first swing set the tone. There would be no “warming up” as she wanted to ensure Adam knew she was upset.

“Don’t let me hear a word from you. Oh, you can grunt and groan and scream if you must but don’t you dare think about saying anything!”

The flogger made a heavy “woosh” as it ripped through the air. Adam’s bare ass released a crisp “whap” as the leather connected. The leather strips were long enough that they covered both of Adam’s cheeks as they made contact. A tinge of pink raised out of Adam’s ass after this first swat. Fifty swats later Adam’s ass was a crimson red. However, Becca wasn’t finished.

She put away the flogger before picking up the plastic rod from an old set of blinds. Adam had jokingly offered it to her as a punishment device and had regretted it ever since. It whistled through the air and made the best sound as it connected with his body. Each lash with this rod drew a welt up on the already red skin. Methodically, Becca raised welts from the top of his bubble butt to the bottom before walking away.
Adam rested there on the car for a minute or so after Becca walked off. He knew she would be waiting for him in her recliner. He entered the house, walked over to the recliner, and sat down at her feet.

“Princess, I am so sorry. I….”

Pulling Adam up to his knees then in to her for a caring hug, Becca caressed his back for a few moments before speaking.

“I have let you backslide now for several weeks. That spanking was for what I found when I walked in the door. This next punishment will teach you a lesson for being such a damn brat for the past few weeks.”

Becca reached down sinking a finger in the base ring of her Steelheart. She led him upstairs to the small closet where Adam served his time outs but she had something else in mind for him.

“Pull the toy box out and sit down with your back to the wall.”

Gingerly, Adam sat down on the carpet. The burning from the spanking flared up again due to the fibers of the carpet. He had no idea what he was in for but knew he deserved it.

Becca pulled out the ball gag, the blindfold, the humbler w/ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, some rope, and two of the little blue clamps.

“You are going to sit here and think about your behavior for a while. I’ll decide how long that will take. I hope you are ready to really suffer for me, my knight.”

She wanted to watch his face as she got him in position. The blindfold would be the last thing she put on him. Before staring Becca removed the Steelheart because it didn’t play well with the humbler.

“If when I come back up here, there is a puddle of your cum on my floor because you can’t control yourself, I will leave you here for more time. You better think about your behavior and control yourself. Am I clear?”

As Adam opened his mouth to say yes the ball gag stifled his words.

First came the humbler. Making him raise his legs made Adam gasp from the pain emanating through his body from his ass. Becca grinned knowing he was hurting. She reached down to trap his balls in the notch being careful to not turn the wing nuts too tight. The ankle cuffs were put on then attached to the humbler effectively locking Adam’s legs in place.

Next, Becca put the wrist cuffs on Adam then attached each wrist to the same D-ring on the humbler. Now Adam’s arms and legs were immobile.

After securing each of the blue clamps to a segment of rope, Becca looped each one over the rack for hanging their clothes then snapped one on each nipple. One at a time, Becca pulled the slack out of each rope before running the loose end through the corresponding D-ring of the humbler. She then pulled the rope through the D-ring until Adam’s nipples were pulled taught enough that he was arching his back. Each rope was then intricately wrapped around the knee with the loose end anchored to Adam’s erect cock with a lark’s head knot. She went back to the toy box and returned with two orange rubber twist ties. One each was wrapped around the bite of the clamp on the nipple.

“There, that should keep them from slipping off.” Stepping back, she looked down at Adam with that I’m in charge look on her face.

Adam’s eyes were wild at this point. The searing pain from his ass was radiating through his body. His legs were already aching from being locked in place. The pain in his nipples was pulsing and his jaw was protesting the size of the gag.

Seeing this look on his face confirmed for Becca she was doing the right thing even though she hated seeing him there. She knew she couldn’t back down and had to let him sit like this long enough to break his bratty streak.

“I don’t know how long it is going to take but you will sit here until the BRAT goes away. Make yourself comfortable.”

She bent down to blanket his eyes in darkness with the blindfold. Once it was in place; Becca gently kissed Adam’s forehead then stood up, turned off the light, and closed the door of the closet. Hearing Adam’s long moan as the door shut almost caused her to open it and let him out. She took a deep breath, knowing she had to do this, then walked to the bathroom to take a shower. In her mind, that would be just the right amount of time.

Adam felt the pressure change in the closet and he knew the door had been shut. He let out a long-anguished moan hoping to sway Becca. When he heard her footsteps walking away his heart sank. He tried desperately for a long time to escape to sub space to deal with the pain but that wasn’t working. He needed Becca to be actively involved in hurting him to find sub space.

Taking a deep breath, Adam began thinking about what Becca had said about being a brat. He knew she was right. He had been feeling ignored again and the more he was a brat the more he felt ignored. He fully realized his attitude was the problem.

Each movement to adjust to lessen the tension on his balls sent waves of fresh pain through his body. Each wave of fresh pain made him increasingly more sorry for his actions of the past few weeks. He accepted his predicament and mentally vowed it would never happen again.

Becca took a longer than normal shower. Thirty minutes had passed when she finally stepped out to glance at the clock. Still dripping with water, she walked over to the closet listening intently for any signs of distress. Yes, Adam was moaning and groaning. She could make out mumbling through the gag. She thought she heard, “never treat her like that again” but it was hard to make out through the gag. She felt like he was ready.

Opening the door and flipping on the light she was both pleased and saddened by the sight. Adam was sobbing openly. The tears streaming from under the blindfold down his face blended with the drool from the gag. His chest was bright red from the tension of the clamps and she knew it would take him a few minutes to work the stiffness out of his arms and legs.

She leaned over kissing his forehead again as she removed the gag.

“Princess…..I am so sorry I was such an ass the last few weeks….I…I…I” he had to gulp for air “promise to be the type of husband you deserve.”

“SSShhhh, my knight. I know you will. I can see you have learned your lesson. Let me help you out of here.”

Becca grabbed both clamps and released them both at the same time.
Adam howled as the blood rushed back in to his nipples causing Becca to smile.
As she undid his restraints, she would slowly help him extend his legs and stretch his arms out.

Once he was completely free of all of his bonds, Adam tried to scoot forward. The stinging of the spanking was still all too fresh so he turned over on all fours to back out of the closet.

Becca sat down on the floor beside him. Adam put his head in her lap and Becca began the after care they both needed after this intense session. Becca had brought out some soothing balm and began ever so gently rubbing it over his red ass. Adam shuddered and gulped for air again with her first gentle touch. However, he was able to relax as the salve soaked in taking away some of the sting.

Becca was the first to break the silence: “You know you gave me no choice. I don’t like having to punish you like this but your behavior was just wrong. I am sure the last few minutes have solved that problem.”

Adam opened his mouth. Becca moved her free hand over his mouth.

“Don’t talk…just recover.”

When Becca felt she had given ample after care she got up leading Adam to the bed. She was now ready to do what she had originally planned. Lacing her fingers in his hair, she lay back guiding his mouth to her pussy. “Don’t stop until I pull you off of me.”

A dozen orgasms later, Becca used her foot to push Adam away. She was spent from his attention. Each of her orgasms built on the last with the final one raging through her body for a long time. She set up on the edge of the bed motioning for Adam to stand in front of her.

“My Steelheart is over there. Please retrieve it for me so we can get you locked up again.”
She saw the look on Adam’s face and laughed.

“You really didn’t think I was going to give you the pleasure of playing with my cock did you? That part of teaching you a lesson has many more days left in the lesson plan. Now please go get my Steelheart.”

Adam thanked her for locking him back in her Steelheart and allowing him to pleasure her. Becca smiled and walked to her closet to put on some clothes. She had, indeed, taught him a lesson.

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