Journal Surprise

MrsL and I maintain a journal on her laptop.  The journal is for each of us to write about any number of things; specifically, our kink lifestyle.  We use it as a way to initiate a conversation on a new topic, hammer out details on something that is obviously causing stress, or for me to simply let me tell her she has new erotic stories to read.  It has been very beneficial for both of us.

As I’ve mentioned many times, MrsL was brought up in a STRICT Catholic household.  Even though she didn’t go to Catholic schools she definitely went to all of the required religious education classes as a child.  If you know anything about Catholic teachings you know that masturbation is strictly forbidden.  So, MrsL has a really difficult time exploring and loving herself.

Over the nearly thirty years of our marriage I have gotten her, on rare occasion, to caress her nipples while I am licking her pussy.  A year or so ago while on an overnight stay celebrating our anniversary and with the help of a couple of glasses of champagne she tied me to a chair then propped herself up on the bed, opened her legs, and began fingering herself.  It was glorious.

Ever since then she has toyed with the idea and has gotten more comfortable toying with her nipples…but she still hasn’t repeated fingering herself….UNTIL…

I hope you have figured out where this is going?

MrsL had a sales event yesterday.  I had a couple of stories ready for her so I went to her laptop and opened the journal to type her a message about the stories.  Earlier this month I wrote about being a little aggressive/dominating her in bed one night.  I noticed that night it drove her mad and she has never been wetter in her life.  She had written about that but stopped short for some reason.

Well, sometime over the past couple of weeks she finished her thought. As I read her latest entry I instantly got a raging erection:

Continued:  What I meant to tell you in the last post but I didn’t…I DID IT!  It took a lot of coconut oil but I DID IT!  Wow!!!  I still don’t know if I can do it in front of you but I DID IT!!!

I beamed with pride and my horniness level surged.  I left her a beautiful sexy message and closed the journal.

Last night, after getting to the bar for date night I leaned in to her neck and whispered in her ear:  “You are supposed to tell me when you have written in the journal.  I’ll let you read my response then we can talk.”

She just giggled: “I figured you would find it sooner or later…”

Since I was, at her request, going commando in my body defining khaki pants I had to keep nestled up against her for a few seconds.  I took a chance and asked her a couple of questions.

“One question…was it different for you?”

She sort of blushed her eyes gleaming and shook her head yes followed by: “In a different way.”

“Did you enjoy it…?”

Even though she shrugged her shoulders her face lit up like Time Square at midnight on New Year’s Eve.  Her body language spoke volumes even though she never answered.

We let the conversation drop and tried to enjoy our night even though this new bar was a disaster.  By the time we got home we were both exhausted and collapsed in bed.  At some point today we will discuss the journal.

I never thought she would open up and try new things.  I am so glad she has crossed that boundary!!!

8 thoughts on “Journal Surprise

  1. Oh, I am so happy for Mrs L!! I grew up strict Protestant, so strict that sex was never mentioned at all. Fortunately I found My parents’s stash of midlife crisis “marital aids” and books in the 4th grade, so I had read both volumes of the Joy of Sex repeatedly at age 8 or 9… plus a whole lot more. And thank God. Being able to provide Myself good cums any time I want them has been a huge contributor to My happiness. YAY, MRS L!!!

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