On the Edge

I am not sure if all of my travel is the cause or maybe its been the stress of refinancing our mortgage or who knows but once again there is a bit of a kinky lull around here for the past two weeks.  This is my first week at home in 4 weeks and I have been grumpy all week.  However, a couple of nights ago there was a flash of control.

I had gone to bed ahead of MrsL, as usual, and was drifting on the edge of full sleep when she crawled into bed beside me.  As usual, I rolled over and spooned up against her back throwing my arm over her body.  (Side note:  the right shoulder is doing great). We both began running hands and feet over the other causing me to rip off my CPAP mask moments later returning to pounce on top of her beautiful nakedness.  Since I have been out of chastity again for awhile my old controlling side reared up in my psyche.  The last time I took control of her in bed she became a ravenous wet playful nymph.

Using my stronger left hand, I pinned her arms above her head and began nuzzling her neck before playfully lowering my lips just above hers feigning a kiss.  Each time she would lunge up trying to get that kiss I brought my right hand up to her neck and held her in place.  Her eyes were glowing with desire and rage at the same time.  After teasing her with a few more feigned kisses I lowered my mouth to her left breast as my right hand trailed a finger down her ribs then along the crease between her leg and hip.  She moaned and wriggled beautifully.  As my fingers began tracing circles on her labia I began sucking her nipple in my mouth swirling my tongue around the taut firmness of that nipple.

Her womanhood was again covering my fingers with her essence.  I brought a wet finger to her lips coating them with her own taste; however, I would not let her suck it in her mouth.  Lowering the finger back to her pussy I parted the labia with two fingers and began a gentle shallow thrusting just past the wetness.  She arched her back and let out a soulful wail.  With that…my headspace flipped from wanting to dominate and control her to wanting to be on my knees making her cum…which I did…helping her roar through half a dozen orgasms before she pushed me away with both feet.

After climbing back up on the bed, I was ordered to lie flat and not move.  MrsL fondled, caressed, sucked, nibbled, and stroked me through a “in her words” baker’s dozen of near orgasms.  I had no idea when she would stop and by the end was a panting frustrated mess who was now leaking like a garden hose full of pin holes.  The glory of the last three of four trips to the edge…MrsL sunk her teeth in to my stomach as she intensified her stroking and only released when I screamed close.  It was crazy sexy and just a bit over the top!

We have agreed to sit down this weekend and talk about all things kink.  Hopefully, we will agree on next steps in chastity: either a Holy Trainer or going full on titanium.  until then, I would say we are still living a Devotional Sex lifestyle.  Stay tuned.




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