Catching Up

It has been a crazy month.  I don’t know if the four straight weeks of travel whilst trying to keep up with my physical therapy for my shoulder or the constant bouncing between hotels while on the road contributed to my sheer exhaustion…but I have been flatter than a dead battery while at home.  Oh, there have been moments of erotic bliss for MrsL and me; however, most weekend nights the past three weeks have found me crashing in my recliner as soon as my ass hits the leather.  Maybe MrsL should invert that and send me to the garage for leather hitting my ass to wake me up???

On the travel front, I was ready to get back on the road as 10 straight weeks at home after surgery had me going mad.  How quickly one forgets just how grinding business travel is these days.  I did get a few upgrades to first class for some of my flights…the short one to two hour ones.  However, the long cross country flights found me back in the main cabin.  The usual craziness of air travel seemed a bit more amped up the past two weeks.  Two specific instances really drew my ire.

First, I fully understand “service” dogs.  Those animals that have had the proper training and serve a specific purpose for their companion.  What I am having an increasingly difficult time understanding are the “emotional support animals” most of which are obviously nothing more than pets.  Okay, I get it people love their pets and we can all say that our pets are indeed “emotional support.”  However; when a pet is whiny, barking, and annoying other passengers what emotional support is the owner receiving at the expense of every other traveler on the flight?  This doesn’t even include the people who are just traveling with their pets.  I have had dogs my entire life and trained them to behave around other people and animals; however, I would never consider taking them on a confined space like an airplane.  When someone tries to take a damn peacock on a flight as an emotional support animal…we have gone way beyond the realm of rational thinking.

Second, why do people think being loud and obnoxious will get them what they want?  Unfortunately, that works more times than not but it shouldn’t.  Thankfully, this time it didn’t and cost a lady her seat on a flight from Phoenix to LA.  She made her presence known beginning five minutes before we started boarding.  Sitting in a wheelchair in front of the desk she began screaming how unfair it was that people were already boarding before her…never mind that the people boarding were the flight crew.  When several other passengers needing assistance were taken down before she was the screeching continued.  “This is not fair…I’ve been sitting here longer than all of those people…and on…”  Thankfully, they took her down the jet bridge to lite applause.  Unfortunately, I was only two rows behind her.

I had to listen to her caterwauling throughout the entire boarding process.  Her high pitched whiny shrill voice pierced my noise canceling headphones.  Her complaint?  People carrying their bags on; specifically, anyone trying to use the overhead above her seat.  “You can’t use that space…that is my space.”  “Why aren’t they paying to check their bags…this isn’t fair.”  “Don’t put your bag up there…my stuff is already up there!”  “I want to speak to the manager…it isn’t fair…why don’t they check their bags”  Over and over and over.  She had the entire plane ready to burst.

When the passenger behind her tried to calm her down it only made matters worse.

Finally, an American Airlines gate manager came on the plane and simply told her she was being removed from the flight.  People must have been looking for another one of those viral video moments because phones were pulled out awaiting the outburst and forcible removal.  Thankfully, after the AA manager informed her she was being removed for being unruly she acquiesced with one final complaint.  “I can’t walk I need a wheelchair.”  The AA manager politely informed the lady that the flight crew watched her walk from the door of the plane to her seat without issue and she would walk that same distance to a waiting wheelchair to get off the plane.  I assume they pulled her checked luggage from the compartment underneath the plane as we were a bit delayed.

I have no idea what happened.  Hopefully, she calmed down and was able to get on the next flight to LA.

The travel is only going to ramp up as we have received half a dozen potential issues just this week on top of the three open investigations I am currently working through.  Oh, we are trying to hire someone in Shanghai or Singapore which means I will have four weeks (two in Ohio and two in either of the two cities listed) of training with the new employee.  The good news is all of the hotel points and airline miles.  Our 30th anniversary is 11 months away and I am booking first class airfare wherever we go with my miles!

I’ll get a post up later today or tomorrow on our limited sex life over the past few weeks. MrsL has been feeling very generous lately!!







7 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I’ve (for no apparent reason) been watching a lot of Youtube trash lately and some of them have been crazy passengers on airlines. So I understand what you were going through. I’ve never been on a flight with any of these ‘self entitled’ people but it’s really hot headed of them. They do themselves no favours except removed from aircrafts and they just ruin it for everyone else. I put on my headphones and turn up the volume a notch to drive out anything that bugs me when I’m trapped on a flight.

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  2. Fully support you with those pets. They should have certification of a recognised body that they have received special training and are entitled to be called support pets.
    As for that lady in the wheel chair; Why does everyone feel so entitled these days? What about just get on with it and live your life quietly. Here in Britain they often talk about how everyone was so neighbourly and helping each other etc during the war. Now it is ME FIRST! Makes me so cross.
    So, are you “on schedule” with your shoulder recovery? Best wishes, Silke

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