I thought I would break down and do a post responding to questions from readers.  There are some good questions that I think I should share my feeling on here as well as responding to them personally in email.  Here goes.

Recently, I received this question about chastity devices and cycling

I am an avid bike rider, not a racer, but I try and ride 200 miles a week.  I ride in large tours, like Ride the Rockies.  I am wondering if you have any thoughts on what device works the best, really don’t want it to show through the spandex.  I need a device for long term wear.  I do not have a PA, but it is not out of the question, its just a matter of how long it takes to heal.

First, let’s address the best one from a comfort standpoint.  So, I have ridden in the Steelheart, the EvotionWearables device, and a couple of different styles of the CB-XXX series (including The Curve one time only).  For me, the Steelheart is the most comfortable because it is custom fitted for my body.  Specifically, and you can get this with other devices, the curved base ring negates a great deal of the pressure when sitting on the bike for hours at a time.  When you add in the fact that the tube is the right length and the inside diameter is just the right size as well it makes riding comfortable.  The EvotionWearables is a close second again because of the customization.  However, its defined lines came into play in the second part of my answer.

Second, having a device that doesn’t show through the spandex.  Well, I am not sure there is any type of chastity device that will not show through cycling shorts.  Let’s face it, there are no secrets amongst the guys who love to cycle on the road.  The cycling shorts, even with the chamois inside, tend to isolate and expose everything about the guy wearing them: length, girth, as well as cut or uncut….no secrets.  Wearing a chastity device while wearing cycling shorts means you run the risk of someone noticing.  Now, will that person(s) say something…probably not but be prepared.

Having said that, when wearing the Steelheart I just look like I have a insanely thick uncircumcised penis.  When I wore the EvotionWearables out for a ride I was on a solo ride, which I much prefer, and was very aware of the outline of the cage portion.  Happy cycling!

Another reader responding to my story about my botched attempt at discussing cuckloding asked:

I know your wife has emphatically turned down the idea of a threesome.  Has she made a decision about you pursuing your bi tendencies?

If she said no, would you pursue something and not tell her about it?

  Did you have any same-sex experiences when you were younger?

I guess I never really thought about being cuckolded constituted a threesome.  However, my wildest and most frequent fantasy involves me being tied up watching MrsL enjoying another man fucking her.  Of course, the guy always makes her have a great vaginal orgasm and fills her full of cum that I am then made to clean up while HE in turn fucks me while I clean her wet sloppy pussy.  So, I guess it is a threesome.  Now to the question.

I have never come right out and told her about my bisexual urges.  I joke about it and talk about having a man-crush on guys.  I have said many times, “if I were ever going to have sex with a guy it would be (insert any number of hot guys names here).  Recently, when she was again telling me she couldn’t feel anything when using the penis extender I asked how she could tell the difference between me and toys.  She informed me there was a “noticeable difference.”  When I replied with “I guess I’ll never be able to figure out if I can tell the difference”  she just laughed and said “I guess not.” She even refuses to have me suck the dildo which I have begged for many times.

Will I ever say something?  As of now, no.  However, if someday she puts all the clues together (which at times I think she has and just will not ask), I will answer honestly.

No, I will not plan anything related to my bisexual urges.  I would only want to do it knowing she is aware.  I take solace in my Tumblr page and let my mind fill in the gaps.

Yes, I had a few same sex experiences mainly during my college days.  I have been in the proverbial “circle jerk” with a few guys and have given/received oral sex with another guy.  I have not had anal sex with a guy (thus not being able to tell the difference between the real thing and a dildo).  The last experience I had was hooking up with a guy in a motel after walking by his room as he was sitting there with the curtains open jacking off.  It was a mutual jack off session with him straddling me stroking both of our cocks at the same time.

As I have resolved to myself recently…sometimes fantasies are best left as fantasies.

Thanks for reading.

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