Rug Burns

MrsL and I are getting ready for the next phase of our flooring project today.  The carpet in our family room is being replaced tomorrow so we are busy taking all of the stuff out of the curios, out of the tables, etc.  The install crew will be moving the furniture.  As is usual, it has been a great Sunday…her receiving two orgasms before we got out of bed, her running around in nothing but a nightshirt…no undies…, and lots of teasing!  Such an awesome Wife!

As I was icing my shoulder after doing my physical therapy work MrsL was busying herself with the task listed above.  I looked down at my phone for a second the looked up to find her sprawled out on the floor facing away from me toying with the base of the mantel.  Whether she did it or not…her nightshirt had gotten hiked up over her beautiful round ass.  My eyes widened, my heart raced, and I felt a surge in the groin.  One of the benefits of living Devotional Sex I don’t have to fight to control erections.

I quickly removed the icing pad from my shoulder crawling over to begin nibbling on her toes.  She took a deep breath then relaxed.  I kissed up her legs then showered kisses over both ass cheeks creating a wonderful reaction.  Seconds later she rolled over and motioned for me to crawl up her body.

We kissed and rolled around on the floor like horny teenagers.  Her hands roamed my body finding their way to my nipples.  I arched up giving her free access to the nipples and our eyes met.   Gentle squeezing morphed to hard twist.  Her leg brushed my groin finding the erection that had popped up and stayed up, much to my pleasure.

“Take out the jewelry and put that hard cock inside me.”

I scrambled to meet her demands.  Moments later I was sliding the head of the penis inside her heat.  It was glorious.

Her hands went back to my nipples.  As she flexed and squeezed the penis with her vaginal muscles she did the same with her fingers on the nipples.  The first time she synced up the squeezing took my breath away.  Magnificent!

“You know, this carpet is being thrown out tomorrow.  Maybe it is time we christen it but you have to wait until I say, Yes.  Enjoy yourself.”

Needless to say, the title of this post hints at how long she made me fuck her before she said YES.  My knees have cute little rug burns from trying to gain traction for driving deep inside her.  As I uttered close for the fifth or six times, MrsL clenched hard on the penis inside her love box and matched the intensity with her fingers on my nipples.  The resulting orgasm had my entire body quaking.

I am sure this run of her giving me orgasms will end soon so I am going to ride it out as long as possible.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled preparations for the carpet install tomorrow!

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