A First Time Tryst

FICTON.  I hope you enjoy.

Lounging in her silk pajamas after Adam kissed her goodbye then left for work, Becca was mulling over every little detail for the weekend they had planned.  She and Adam had discussed this for months and it was finally time.

They had, through many intense but caring conversations, finally arrived at a place in their relationship where Becca felt comfortable she could separate having sex with another man and not let it interfere with her LOVE for Adam.

Adam had brought up being her cuckold early on when they started living a chastity lifestyle. He had never been able, through intercourse, to bring her to a vaginal orgasm.  Yes, Adam used his hands, fingers, lips, and that magic tongue of his to make her shudder numerous times as if a volcano was erupting inside her.  Yes, she enjoyed orgasms daily…some days many orgasms.  Yes, Adam had learned and developed more control, but he still could not get her to an orgasm while making love to her.  So, she finally admitted to herself, then to Adam, that she wanted to at least try to experience that feeling.

After that final conversation just over a year ago, they put a thorough and detailed plan in action.  The guy they chose had to have the following traits.  First and foremost, he had to be completely drug and disease free. He would have to provide medical records as proof.  Second, he had to have a great personality.  Neither of them wanted this to be a situation where the guy thought he was superior to Adam.  He had to treat both with respect.  Third, he had to be completely okay with Adam being involved so Becca could be relaxed.  In the back of her mind, Becca had decided that Adam would be more involved than they had discussed and felt confident that Adam would relish what she was planning on having him do when it was time. Fourth, he had to be completely willing to stop if either she or Adam said stop.  Fifth, he could not be much more endowed than Adam.  Becca thought Adam was perfect sized and wasn’t sure she wanted to anything larger.  She had tried an 8” dildo once and didn’t like how it felt but then again she didn’t like the feeling of any dildo. Sixth, he had to be over 30 years old.

With these criteria set they began the search for Mr. Right.  The search was slow.  Neither of them knew where or even how to start.  So, Adam did what came natural to him…searching the internet.  There were several websites and apps dedicated to just what they needed.  They each created an account linking back to the others then began their search in earnest.

After reviewing more member accounts than they thought possible, going through hundreds of emails, a couple dozen telephone calls, and ten initial meetings, they finally met Dane.

Dane was a 42-year-old divorcee with black hair just slightly longer than Adam’s, a great smile, and met all their requirements.  Becca had even exchanged text messages with him to make sure Dane would be okay with her plans for Adam’s “extra” involvement, and he had agreed.

The three of them had gotten together for dinner and drinks several times over the past two months finally setting a date for a weekend trip to the beach.  The weekend was finally here.

Becca was ready for this weekend.  Her heart was racing as she got up to shower.  She hadn’t even noticed but she was so horny thinking about the weekend that she had soaked her pajamas with, as Adam called it, her nectar.

She was anxiously waiting by the door in the sexy romper Adam bought her for the weekend when he came strolling through from the garage.  It was 100% cotton that accentuated every beautiful curve on her body.  Adam’s eyes were immediately drawn to her breast.  Nestled right at the crease between her breast was the key to the Steelheart.  He hadn’t seen the key in nearly three months and he instantly felt a surge in the penis straining against the steel.

Adam had taken a half day, so they could get an early start.  He packed for the weekend before work so all he had to do was throw their stuff in her car and hit the road, he thought.  Becca; however, had a few wrinkles.

“Go upstairs and clean yourself for the weekend.  Once clean, you have a new plug that you will wear to the beach.  Finally, I have selected a few special toys for the weekend and placed them in placed them in a bag beside your plug.  Don’t forget to bring in down. Now hurry up.  We don’t want to be late.”

Adam’s excitement was almost palpable.  Becca glanced at his crotch and noticed a little twitch telling her just how much her plans were going to succeed.  Adam was back downstairs bag in hand in record time. He presented himself to Becca for confirmation he had inserted the plug as instructed.

Pulling the remote from her romper pocket, a wickedly evil grin framed her face.

“This next couple of hours going to be fun.  Let’s go.”

Becca gave a little jolt to Adam causing him to jump slightly.  She knew this was going to be fun.

The four-hour ride to the beach was reminiscent of their dating and early part of their marriage: lots of loud singing along with their favorite tunes, laughing, and relaxed attitudes.  They both commented to the other about being reminded of when they first met.  Of course, any time Becca wanted to add to the fun she would give Adam a little burst of energy through his plug.  They were pulling in to the beachside hotel parking before they knew it.  The weekend was about to begin.

Dane had arrived prior to them and had checked in to his room.  They had reserved adjoining rooms for privacy.  He had left a note for them indicating he was going to poolside bar and cordially requested they join him when they arrived.

Becca was anxious and had withdrawn just a bit.  Adam could see and sense her tensing up and decided to lighten the mood.  As they walked away from the front desk,

“Princess, did you forget about your new toy…um…that remote?”

Becca reached in her pocket letting her fingers feel for the button she wanted.

“Why no, my knight…I haven’t!” The strongest pulse yet raced through Adam’s ass causing him to skip and yelp audibly just as the elevator doors slid open and an older couple standing there.  The lady looked at Becca and just smiled as if she knew something fun was happening.  The pair exchanged places allowing Adam to select the top floor button.

As the doors closed, Becca spun Adam around pushing him against the back wall of the elevator letting her hands roam over his entire body.  Nuzzling into his neck she whispered: “I know we are both going to have a great time this weekend.  Do you trust me?”

Adam had been asked that question numerous times over the past five years and each time he told her yes.  This weekend would be no different.

“Yes, Princess.  I trust you and know that you always make the best decisions.”  He paused and looked deep in her blue eyes.  “I have told you many times, I will do whatever you want me to do…so again, YES I trust you unconditionally!”

Becca’s eyes lit up and a beautiful sexy smile made her look truly angelic…and cute little evil angel…but angelic.

Remarkably the ride up to the 25th floor was uninterrupted.  They found their room, unpacked, put on swimsuits and headed to the pool.  Becca let Adam remove the plug but the Steelheart was to stay locked in place.  She left the key to the Steelheart hanging around her neck.  She rarely wore it publicly and it made Adam smile and feel his cage get tight.

Dane saw them walk out of the hotel and ordered drinks for all of them.  While they had met many times before this was the first time any of them had been in anything other than “street clothes”.  Dane had been in the pool leaving his board shorts wet.  The bulge in his boardshorts was obvious and he couldn’t help but notice that both Becca and Adam were staring at his crotch.

“Hey guys, how was the drive down?  I ordered each of your favorite drinks.  Becca you have a Pina colado on the way and Adam a margarita. Let’s take that table over there by the corner of the pool.”

The trio walked to the table and sat down.

Becca started to say something but her voiced cracked a bit.  Adam jumped in to rescue his Princess.

“So, Dane, we really appreciate you meeting us here this weekend.  I…know we…hope it is as good for you as it is for us.”

“Adam…Becca…” Dane gave them each a reassuring smile as he spoke. “I promise that all anybody has to say is stop or this isn’t working or no and we will go our separate ways.  This is as new an experience for me as it is for you.”

Becca had regained her composure after a few slurps of her drink.  She reclined in her chair then calmly placed a hand on her Steelheart then motioned for Dane to move his chair closer.  She put both feet between his legs when he got close enough letting her toes trace the outline of his manhood as it rapidly became more obvious under his boardshorts.

“Well; Dane, it appears that you are just a bit bigger than Adam…even bigger than your profile states.  That is okay. I think I will enjoy feeling that inside me.”

She glanced over at Adam smiling at his eyes fixated on what her feet were doing.

“Adam; my knight, you said you trust me, so the question is do you think YOU can handle it?”

Adam’s eyes never left the site of Becca’s toes playing with Dane’s cock.

“Yes, Princess.  I will do whatever you want me to do.”

Becca’s swimsuit was getting wet, but it wasn’t because she had been anywhere near the water.

Dane reached down and began massaging Becca’s feet.  “Whenever you are ready, Becca, we can go up to the room.  We have all weekend, I know, but I am very curious to see what is under that swimsuit and what that key unlocks.”

They had told Dane that Adam was in a chastity device, but he had never seen it.  They had also been very clear with Dane that only Becca would decide when or if Adam was to be unlocked.  While Dane had agreed to that he was secretly hoping Becca would unlock him as he was very bi-curious and wanted to suck his first cock this weekend as well.

There was some meaningless chit chat for a few minutes as they finished their drinks before Becca finally said she was ready.

“Dane, we will go up to our room first.  Please give us a 10-15-minute head start before coming to your room.  When I am ready, I will unlock the door on our side and knock on your door.  See you soon.”

Once in their room, Becca asked for the toy bag she packed.  Adam had known better than to look in it and was pleasantly surprised to see that it had been stuffed with paper and cardboard only.

As Becca toyed with the key she told Adam to take off his swimsuit then pulled him in next to her.

“Honey, I want and need you to be beside me during all of this.  I need to feel connected to you the entire time.  You will stay in my Steelheart, for now, but you will be the only person I kiss this weekend. I am more than ready to have sex with Dane…I just am not ready to kiss him.  He may not like it, but he can accept it, or we can all go home.”

Adam’s head was spinning.  He had prepared himself all afternoon since they arrived to be tied to the chair and made to watch…which was how he fantasized about when he saw her cuckolding him.  However, hearing his Princess admit she wanted and needed to feel connected to him and she would only be kissing him made him swell with pride…in more ways than one.

She told Adam to lay down on the bed before climbing on top of him placing her pussy directly over the Steelheart.

“Remember I asked you to trust me?  Well, over the past few years I have noticed you become more and more fixated on sucking on my toes, sucking on my fingers…even more so when I have your cum all over them.  I remember many years ago you told me that when you watched porn you paid more attention to the guys than the girls…”

Becca was sliding up and down the steel at this point watching Adam’s face.  His smile was getting wider with every word she said.

“You have even gone so far to point out hot guys and tell me, ‘if I were to ever have sex with a guy it would be someone like him’, haven’t you?”

Adam couldn’t contain his excitement at what he thought would come next.

“Well my knight, all this weekend you will be just as free as I am to explore.  As a matter of fact, your clean up duties are NOT suspended.  You will be cleaning me up anytime needed and if Dane needs a little help getting ready…you will help him.  Do I make myself clear, my knight?

Adam blurted out “yes Princess” before she finished the work knight.

She gave Adam a long deep kiss as she continued to grind against the Steelheart. She was close…so close that she allowed herself the pleasure of having an orgasm right there on top of Adam.

Adam watched as Becca’s cheeks flushed and her lips got thicker.  He knew she was close, so he wrapped his arms around her back and held her against his crotch.  He felt as if he was going to burst right out of the steel.  Moments later as he was gently chewing on those plump luscious lips she shuddered letting out a long moan.  It was awesome.  They lay there for a few minutes collecting themselves before she smiled at him and hopped up.

“Are you ready?”

She didn’t wait for an answer as she bounded over to the door, flipped the switch to unlock the door, and knocked on the door.  Dane opened the door with a huge smile on his face.

“Damn, if the rest of the weekend is a good as what I just heard we are all in for a treat.”

Becca took a step back reached up and took the first strap off her shoulder exposing one of her breast.

“Like what you see big boy?”

As Dane’s eyes widened, Becca removed the other strap letting both breast now fall freely out of her swimsuit.  As Dane reached out toward her breast she playfully jumped back a step and smiled.

“Okay, so there is one rule this weekend that is non-negotiable.  You can kiss any part of my body you want; my neck, breast, nipples, the arch of my back, my knees, toes, feet…anywhere.  However, you will not kiss ME and I WILL NOT kiss you.  I know we didn’t discuss this before and I hope it is not a deal breaker…” she took a deep breath “I hope you understand.”

Dane just shook his head in agreement.  Since his divorce he had tried many relationships before finally deciding he simply wanted nothing but sex.  He was fine with sex without kissing.

“Oh,” Becca continued, “Adam knows what he has to do all weekend for you and me.  Are you still okay with it?”

This was the opening he needed.

“Yes Becca, I am more than okay with having him suck my cock…” his voice trailing off slightly.  “And…if you allow it…I want to possibly suck Adam’s cock at some point this weekend.  I am curious…and want to try…”

Becca’s eyes lit up as she heard this.  She had hoped Dane would be willing to explore with Adam and this was perfect, but she was coy not letting on her excitement.

“We will see.  I’ve told him he MAY get out of my Steelheart.  Now, are you going to help me out of this swimsuit or just stand there.  Take off those damn boardshort, too!”

While maintaining piercing eye contact with Adam Becca sauntered back over to the foot of the bed.  She remained with her back to Dane on purpose because she needed to see Adam’s reaction to another man undressing her.

Dane jerked at the legs of his shorts freeing his nearly hard cock then walked up behind Becca. He glanced up to see Adam then leaned in and began kissing Becca’s neck.

As his hands slid down Becca’s ribs, Dane kissed down her spine.  He sunk his thumbs into the waist of the swimsuit and gently pulled if down over her voluptuous ass showering kisses on each cheek as the suit exposed them.  With a firm hand, he pushed her over until she was leaning on her elbows with her ass exposed.  He lapped at her cute little rosebud as he helped her step out of her suit.

Adam was completely engrossed in every emotion showing on his wonderful wife’s face.  The pure ecstasy beaming from her eyes as Dane’s tongue flicked over her ass.  She was ready.

Climbing up on the bed on all fours, Becca pulled Adam toward her kissing him passionately before rolling over on to her back.  She asked Adam to turn around so she could rest her head in his lap then motioned for Dane to join them on the bed.

Dane’s cock had grown to its full potential.  He was every bit of 8” and thick.  Becca eyes widened as she gasped audibly when she saw it.

“I promise, Becca, I will go as slow as needed for you.  I want you to really enjoy this…this will be gentle until you tell me you want more.”

Adam had reached around and was swirling a finger around each nipple as Dane began sucking on Becca’s toes.  He slowly kissed up the inside of her thighs, alternating between legs, before letting his tongue finally taste her.  She was leaking heavily and tasted wonderful.  There would be no need for extra lubricant.

Becca relaxed in Adam’s arm letting out a sigh as Dane’s tongue parted her vagina.  But his tongue was not what she wanted.

“If I want a tongue, I will send you home and let Adam work his magic.  I want your cock.”

Adam was a bit startled by Becca’s aggressiveness, but it made him happy.  His Princess was about to have an orgasm from sexual intercourse.  He leaned in and began nibbling on her left ear as Dane positioned his cock at Becca’s pussy.

“Relax my Princess you deserve this.  I am so happy we are experiencing this together.  Enjoy this.”

Dane reached down and gingerly opened the folds of labia placing the head of his cock inside her.  She tensed, only for a moment, then relaxed again opening her legs a little wider.

Adam eyes were locked on the sight of Dane’s cock slowly sliding into Becca’s pussy.  It was mesmerizing.  He felt a sense of pride that his Princess was allowing him to be here in this moment and wanted to make sure she felt every sensation.

Becca could feel more than she had ever felt before.  It was amazing.  Her mind was reeling with both LOVE for Adam and the crazy desire to feel all of Dane inside her.  She let everything go and let that desire wash over her body.

Dane had promised Becca he could give her her first ever vaginal orgasm and he was intent on keeping that promise.  However, he was struggling with control.  Her velvety pussy was clenching around his cock in rhythm to his stroking.  He had managed to fully bury his cock inside her moments earlier being incredibly still deep inside for a few moments basking in her prowess.  He had never felt a woman work his cock the way Becca was working it right now and it was challenging his control.  He decided to look at Adam in hopes that would help him regain control.

Adam was focused on Becca when he felt an energy pulling his eyes up toward Dane’s.  He was watching him, obviously, struggling.  It was written all over Dane’s face.  Dane opened his eyes locking eyes with Adam.  Adam could see the signs of panic in Dane’s eyes and he was beginning to get angry.  This guy had made big promises.  He had also lied about this size but that had worked out okay.  He was determined that Becca was going to feel her first ever vaginal orgasm…whatever it took.  He glared at Dane and shook his head no at Dane.  Something connected between the two of them.  Dane appeared to regain his composure and Adam went back to tenderly caressing Becca’s breast and nuzzling her neck.  His cock was pushing wildly against the steel.  He knew he wasn’t supposed to have an orgasm without her permission but the sights, sounds, and smells of this moment were fighting against him.

Becca could sense something different building inside her.  She felt as if she was missing something internally…that ever elusive “G” spot; however, Dane’s size had found a spot that sent chills through her body every time his cock stroked over and back.  It kept building.

Adam knew the signs…Becca’s breath became more pronounced…her lips began to engorge…her nipples got more erect.  There was a new sign…her entire body was covered in goose bumps.  Seconds later, Becca was arching back into him and screaming wildly all the while thrusting her hips up onto Dane.  She reached up around Adam’s neck pulling his face down toward hers.  She turned her head and began kissing him like never before.  The heat and passion of her kisses caused Adam to experience a painfully awesome moment…he was cumming inside the Steelheart.

Dane’s decision to focus on Adam paid off huge dividends for him and Becca.  He closed his eyes increasing the speed and intensity of his thrust into Becca. Her pussy was gripping him more strongly with every thrust.  Right as he felt his balls began tingling with the beginnings of a massive orgasm, Becca’s pussy began having massive spasms.  It was unlike anything he had ever experienced. As Becca’s orgasm raced through her body into his.  He had decided, on his own, to not have an orgasm for the last month.  He wanted to not only fill her up with this size, but he wanted to fill her up with his cum.  He knew there was no chance of pregnancy because Becca was on the pill and both her and Adam had given him permission to cum inside her.

As she kissed and chewed on Adam’s lips, Becca felt Dane’s cock begin to pulse inside her then came that glorious feeling of cum flowing inside her.  Adam’s orgasms had gotten stronger, when she let him have one inside her, but this felt like a fire hose filling her up.   As her orgasm crested and began to subside she sucked Adam’s bottom lip in her mouth biting into him.  She knew how much he loved it when she bit his lip.  She was ready to see if Adam was truly going to do what she asked.  As she began to move she felt the telltale oozing of cum on her back.

“Did my knight have an unauthorized orgasm in my Steelheart?  That’s okay…it is a special weekend.  Who knows you may get an orgasm outside the Steelheart later this weekend…but for now…. I am very much in need of that wonderfully magic tongue between my legs.”

She kissed him one last time as she scrambled from behind her and began licking and kissing down her stomach.

Dane had remained inside her watching as she kissed Adam.  Slowly his cock got softer.  Not knowing what to do, he stood up beside the bed enjoying watching Becca direct Adam on what to do next.

“My knight, don’t be rude to our guest.  Please clean him up first.  Dane when he is done…you can come sit beside me but remember no kissing.”

Adam stopped kissing his way down Becca’s body.  He glanced at her pussy glistening with and leaking Dane’s cum his heart and mind were racing as he stared at Dane’s now semi erect cock.  How did my Princess figure out I wanted to explore this way?  Even though I thought she was just blowing off my suggestions…she wasn’t!  I am going to make her proud of me!

Reaching out to take it in his hands he felt Becca’s foot rubbing the Steelheart.

Dane edged toward the bed letting Adam take his cock in hand and begin licking it like a lollipop.

Adam was lost in the moment.  The scent of Becca’s juices mingling with Dane was incredibly intoxicating. He worked furiously licking Becca’s nectar from Dane’s shaft then took the head in his mouth to ensure there would be no leaking.  Once satisfied, Adam turned his attention to his wonderful Princess.

Becca watched with pride knowing she had completely surprised Adam.  She knew he felt as if she never paid attention to his little hints about wanting the full cuckold experience.  She had believed for a long time that her awesome knight was just a little bi-sexual and his eagerness only confirmed her belief.  Their sex life was going to be so much better after this weekend.

As Dane curled up beside Becca watching Adam gleefully lapping up the large amounts of cum he left inside Becca.  Becca leaned against the bed playing with her key.

“So, how bad do you really want to have a cock in your mouth?  This little key will give you that reality.”

Dane’s eyes widened…he could only shake his head yes.

“Adam, stop what you are doing for a moment and stand beside me.”

Adam hopped up beside the bed and was amazed that Becca was already unlocking her Steelheart.  Once it was off she had Adam lay on his back while she straddled his face.

“Dane, I think you need to reward my knight.  Go ahead explore your urges. Adam, my knight, you may cum as often as you want the remainder of the weekend.  I want to feel you inside me later…after you recover from Dane’s attention.”

Becca had three more orgasms from Adam’s attention to her pussy.  She was a bit sore from Dane’s size but Adam’s attention was soothing.

Dane eagerly sucked Adam to a full erection and orgasm before sitting back in the chair at the foot of the bed.

Becca collapsed on top of Adam and was asleep in seconds.  Adam glanced at the clock.  It was only 6:oo p.m.  They had the rest of the weekend to have fun.  He noticed Dane was asleep in the chair so he drifted off himself.  It was going to be a glorious weekend.

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