What A Weekend

So, after numerous drafts of 2,000 plus words that always felt overbearing and I didn’t even like reading them myself I’ve decided to take a minimalist approach.

Friday night MrsL wanted to try out the new ED medicine.  I’ll just say this:  she teased and edged me what seemed like forever.  I was so damn sensitive yet still very stiff by the time she straddled me sinking herself all the way down the shaft that I was screaming close within seconds.  She continued with the NO’s three or four more times before finally began telling me to “come on…come on…”  As soon as I stopped pulsing cum inside her she looked down at me instructing me to open my mouth then slithered up my body.  The glorious taste of her juices and my cum filled my mouth as she settled into a comfortable position leaning against the headboard of the bed her pussy on my mouth.  She was oh so close to a vaginal orgasm because it only took a couple of minutes of clean up to have her shuddering and leaking all over my face.

Saturday was hectic.  There wasn’t much sexy or kinky until long after dinner.  It began watching her dance with 4 other women to Donna Summers’ I Will Survive and noticing a couple of the men across the way obviously ogling her curves.  I was instantly horny!  Once we arrived back home to crack open our bottle of champagne things warmed up nicely. I spent a great deal of time between her legs licking, nibbling, and sucking her to several strong orgasms.  She rewarded me by stroking me to an orgasm with her feet then lounging on the couch sipping champagne while I licked them clean.

Sunday morning was spent cuddled up together talking about the past 29 years of marriage before she decided she wanted to be shaved.  She had me take another round of the ED medicine knowing it would have ample time to kick in while I shaved her.  I found why she wanted that when it was her turn to shave me.  Holy Cow!!

MrsL has rarely, if ever, used any type of lubricant while teasing me with her hands.  I think that will never happen again.  Using the shaving gel and water first then switching to a super slick silicone lube she had me begging her to stop playing with me.  That little devilishly evil smile I wrote about yesterday was all too prevalent during this edging session.  She was enjoying my begging until I was alternating between “please stop” and “close” as she played.  When she switched to nothing but upstrokes, beginning slowly alternating hands the increasing the grip and speed of the strokes, I could barely get “close” out.  When I heard her say “go ahead” I relaxed and surprised myself with the strength of the orgasm.  I mean this was the third one in three days.

I lay there breathlessly watching her swish the sexy ass back and forth while walking into the bathroom to retrieve a towel.  As she was cleaning me up that stern I’m in control look washed over her face sending a bolt of fear through my soul.

“Happy Anniversary my knight.  I hope you know it is going to be a very….very….long time before I let you have another orgasm.  I hope you enjoyed this weekend.  Now, let’s go to IHOP.”

She flipped the towel up on my face then turned toward the closet.  We had a great breakfast then went home and finished getting the house prepped for the flooring job.

I am so madly in LOVE with HER!

Oh, yeah…I have to mention that MrsL did something for the first time. After using a foam roller to prop my ass up in the air to shave everything she made sure all of the shaving gel was gone and leaned in and actually started licking my ass.  I think she enjoyed it as much as I did!!!  Wow!


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