Valentine’s Day Play

While I am still writing and cleaning up the anniversary post I wanted to drop a quick post on the events of the past 24 hours.  Here’s a bit of a tease…imagine that.  MrsL experienced many orgasms over the weekend.  Yours truly…well…there was at least one orgasm….

Our downstairs is completely wrecked.  Except for the hardwood in the formal living/dining room area, we are having all of the flooring replaced.  It has survived two teenage boys, numerous full family gatherings (15 people with five nieces/nephews during their younger years), many approved and unapproved parties, two dogs, and three graduation parties.  Amongst all of the fun and frivolity of the weekend we also had to make time to move everything out of the pantry, office and the kitchen (except the appliances the installer moved those).  The two installers are big strong mid 30ish Russians.  The lead guy, we’ll call him Ivan, is proficient in English and ruggedly handsome.  Even with the loose fitting jeans his cock was very pronounced! The other guy, we’ll call him Boris, speaks broken English, not as  handsome, and no visible bulge.  So, even though the whole cuckolding thing blew up when I mentioned it…that didn’t quell the fantasies that rage in my head about being one.  So….

It all started during the afternoon hours yesterday.  I had gone downstairs to find MrsL being MrsL.  The two Russians were taking a break from laying porcelain tile and she was talking and laughing with them.  Like a sirens song, MrsL’s laughter beckoned me down the stairs.  Watching her playfully chatting with Ivan about the tile and grout, quarter round had my mind reeling.  I just sort of stood there and drank in the scene.  Then she turned around and with one look she knew exactly what I was thinking.

“I think you need to get back to work…go!”

I scurried upstairs hearing my phone chirp with a text message as I topped the stairs.

10 minute time out for naughty thoughts.  Make sure I get my picture.


After the ten minutes passed, I sent her a effusive thank you text and got back to work.  The remainder of the day and evening were uneventful…that is…until we went to bed.

If you are new here, one of the things we have learned from chastity and Devotional Sex is that MrsL is like a diesel engine when it comes to sex.  She craves and needs lots and lots of foreplay; specifically, passionate deep kissing before she is ready.  Once she is ready allowing me to kiss down her body (or up her thighs depending on her mood) to focus my tongue on her womanhood she is purring like a finely tuned engine and can race through multiple orgasms quickly.

Last night’s foreplay led to four awesome orgasms for her.  The first one, I was going to pull away and spoil but flicked once too many times.  As she arched her back a loud glorious moan escaped from her throat.  It was quickly followed by both of us laughing.

“If you had of succeeded in spoiling my orgasm just now I was going to slap you.”

All I could do was laugh which caused her to begin laughing.  I let her continue laughing while I returned my focus on her gloriously engorged clit and labia.  She fell asleep on my chest once she was fully satisfied and instructed me to wake her up when I got up.

Well, I woke up about half an hour earlier than my scheduled alarm.  My brain went into caveman mode.  I guess I was still amped up from the night before.  The penis was hard enough that she reacted as I pressed up against her back.  It only took some gentle caressing of her back and sides to coax her over on her back.

I pounced in full cave man mode.  I had even taken the piercing out just knowing she would not rebuff my full on sexual needs.  WRONG!

She threw a leg up blocking me from getting between her legs.

“Kiss me…and NO you are not going there…”

Grabbing a handful of hair I found myself being pulled toward her mouth.  I love it when she takes that kind of control.  I felt her other hand snaking down my body inching toward then grabbing the penis.  Being horny I started thrusting violently in to her hand.  After a long kiss, she let go of my hair and looked at me and gave me that devilishly erotic sexy smile.

The cave man was screaming in my head.  NO, NO, NO!!!  

I was grunting as I thrust in and out of her hand.  Still, she smiled!

The cave man started fading away causing the loud grunting to slowly ebb toward a pitiful whimpering and whining.  Still, no words from MrsL…just that evil smile lighting up her entire face.  Her deep blue eyes were now piercing my soul.

A few seconds later MrsL finally said the most curiously profound thing:

“I guess my hand is acting like my Steelheart right now…keeping that erection contained…huh.”

She began slowing increasing her grip on the penis throttling the erection all the while just staring into my eyes.  Her eyes were telling me all I needed to know.  Once the erection was gone she gave me a gentle kiss on the forehead and muttered something about a long time before she wanted her cock inside her again.  I was boiling with sexual energy and had to lay there for a couple of seconds just to regain my composure.  It was incredibly intense and has carried me all day long.

She wasn’t done with me.

Once Ivan and Boris showed up and had been working while, my phone chirped.

14 minute time out…send me my picture.  Go!

Once I was had properly affixed the clamps to my nipples then to the rack in the closet I sent her the required Snapchat picture. As I was finally finding my sub space, I heard footsteps approaching the closet.

Opening the door, MrsL began running her hands all over my body.

“I bet you are wondering why I sent you to time out again.  Well, I wanted to compare my knight to the Russian.”

She firmly grabbed my ass cheeks:  “Ass nice and tight…yours is better.”

Running her nails down my legs to my calves:  “Calves are nice and firm…yours are definitely better.”

At this point the penis had began trying to get hard and my I had been pulled out of the door to sub space and MrsL had kicked the door shut.  My nipples were screaming but I was HERS at that moment.

“Firm strong shoulders…” as she massaged my shoulders adding more downward pressure on the nipples.  As she reached around letting her hands find the now erect penis (I swear some of my ED issues are in my head) and began stroking:  “Nice chest and cock…yep…yours are better and all I want or need.”

She quietly caressed my body for a few more seconds.

“When do you leave for the airport?”

“Not until three, Princess.”

“I’ve got plenty of time to decide if I want to give you another orgasm…”

The door was firmly shut leaving me in the darkness mentally grasping for any hint of sub space nowhere to be found.  Thankfully, the timer went off sooner than I thought.  After getting dressed, I went downstairs to be greeted with that devilish smile.

Oh, in case your wondering…she did not give me another orgasm before I left for the airport.



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