The Game Within the Game

The great thing about working from home…during my lunch break I can hop on to my kinky accounts without fear of anyone looking over my shoulder.

Where did I leave off…oh yeah…being told to clean out and bring down my time out clamps.

I scurried to our bathroom, filled the enema bag with warm water, and with a little difficulty due to the shoulder conducted a cleaning.  MrsL has been hinting at a trip to the “upside down” (if you watch Stranger Things you’ll get the reference) for weeks.  My body has been aching to be fucked so I was very amped up.  However, I didn’t know how or when it would happen because she didn’t instruct me to bring down either of her dildos or any lube.  I just went with the flow.

When I got downstairs right as the coin toss was finishing up MrsL looked at me, fully clothed, then shook her head an emphatic no.  I knew instantly and stripped.  She had closed all of the blinds and turned on the gas logs to ensure it was warm enough for CFNM play.  Once I was properly unattired she had me kneel at her feet.

“Here are the rules of the game.  For each score by either team you will either get pleasure or a pain.  You can figure out what the pain is going to be…you just don’t know what the pleasure will be.  I’m going to wait until the first score to tell you which team means which.”

I was positioned back at her feet on the floor. She toyed with my hair, played with my ears, and scratched up and down my sides/back as the game began.

Now, one would think this type of dialogue and touch by MrsL would have the penis inflating at a rapid rate.  One would be wrong as all night a firm rigid erection was aloof.

When the Eagles took the opening drive and scored the first three points, MrsL leaned over and whispered in my ear:

“Well, you get pleasure first.  Every time the Eagles score I get to play with my cock.  For every score, I will set a timer for the points scored and you will get either pleasure or pain for that amount of time.  Oh, in case your getting greedy, NO you cannot CUM at all during the game and NO the timer is not cumulative.  This time…you get three minutes of pleasure.”

She stopped talking leaned back on the couch then wrapped her legs around  my waist.  I have been applying lotion to her feet since her bath creating silky soft skin.  Even absent a really hard erection, her feet on the penis felt amazing.

Three minutes is either a really long time or a really short time.  Obviously, it flew by long much quicker than I wanted.  The obnoxious alarm was ringing in my ears too rapidly.

As she slowly inched her feet away from my groin she added to the fun:  “Oh yeah, for every sack on Brady you earn a few minutes of me fucking you…we will do that after the game.”

All too soon after the Eagles scored the Patriots drove down the field and tied the game with their own field goal.  Picking up the time out clamps and applying them to my nipples, MrsL pointed to the storage closet under the stairs. My heart raced because the rack in that closet is much higher than the racks in our upstairs closet.

“The timer doesn’t start until I get my Snapchat confirming you are hanging up appropriately.  See you soon.”

I went in to the closet, closing the door behind me, and got in position. For new readers, here is the picture I took showing what a “time out” is for me:


I have had time outs up to twenty minutes in our upstairs closet.  With the rack being higher in this storage closet three minutes was a struggle.  What you can’t see is I am all the way up on my toes.  So if my calf muscles tire out and I sag just a little the tug on the nipples increases.  It is quite the predicament.

The next Eagles touchdown had me lying flat on my back on the floor as MrsL fondled and sucked on the penis and balls.  Even though there wasn’t much of an erection it still felt wonderful.  When they scored their next touchdown, MrsL put me on the sofa and gave me sensory overload with visual teasing.  Staring behind me she wrapped my head in between her breast for a few minutes.  Letting her breast rest on my neck she ran her hands down my chest and played with my tender nipples.  All of this created a mini erection.  Seeing this she walked around in front of me and bent over the sofa table exposing her ass and pussy to me.

I have mentioned many times MrsL’s Catholic upbringing and how she has a really hard time “touching” herself sexually.  That doesn’t keep her from doing it when she knows it will drive me mad.

Reaching through between her legs, MrsL began circling a finger around her clit.  A few seconds of playing with her clit led to her running that finger the length of her labia swirling it in her juices.  Just as she was about to let her finger slip through folds that damn timer went off.

“Oh, too bad honey.  Maybe they will score again and I might pick up where I left off…or do something else for your pleasure.”

The Patriots scored one more time in the first half sending me to time out.  Missing the extra point spared me one minute.  Needless to say, by halftime my nipples and calves were extremely sore.

I don’t know that I saw much of the third quarter.  Two seven minute time outs for Pats touchdowns coupled with seven minutes of pure pleasure as MrsL sucked on a semi erect penis made it a blur.  After the second time out, MrsL called an audible for the fourth quarter for both pleasure and pain.  She didn’t want to be distracted from the game.

When the game’s only sack/fumble happened late in that quarter MrsL said “I guess I get to fuck you tonight” without even missing a beat cheering for the play.  After the final seconds saw the game end in a swatted down Hail Mary pass, MrsL told me I owed her seven minutes in time out to be collected at a later date.

As I cleaned up the kitchen MrsL went up and got ready.  As I entered our room my eyes nearly popped out of my head.  There she was laying in the middle of the bed wearing the strap on panties I bought for her over a year ago with the 8″ dildo in her hand.

“You’ve always said you wanted to be on top…climb on.”

It had been awhile since our last foray into anal pleasure for me.  She allowed me the time to settle onto her dildo before reaching up and grabbing my nipples.

“Come on my knight….fuck yourself on my dildo.”

I can’t even begin to describe how powerful this was for me.  Riding a dildo while looking in to her eyes was glorious.

There was quite a lot or precum oozing from the penis all over her stomach.  When I finally pulled up off of her she pointed to her stomach.  She didn’t have to say a word.

She refused to let me give her an orgasm afterwards.

“You giving me an orgasm was never part of the game.  Maybe…just maybe…you will be allowed to touch me tomorrow.  Now, Sweet Dreams.”  Sweet Dreams equals no sexual touching of her at all.  I can and did snuggle up behind her but no kissing, no hands on her breast, no hands anywhere near her pussy was in full effect.  That is the most frustrating thing she can do.

Great night and a great game.  As we cuddled I asked her to create more games.  Maybe I should let her read some of the games created by SteeledSnakeCharmer?

9 thoughts on “The Game Within the Game

  1. Wow!, I just found your site and greatly enjoyed this! I love playing this type of game and am finding more often that my pleasure is provided via pain. This past weekend I put a jewelled butt plug in, put clover clamps on my nipples and then my wife played with my cock and balls till I begged her to allow me to cum in her hand as she pulled very hard on the chain between the clamps. My nipples were in delightful agony that were forgotten about as she gave me a brutal dose of post orgasmic torture. Make it stop!

    I am looking forward to reading more of your blog.


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