Growing & Learning Part 2

Last Friday was a challenge.  Even before MrsL put me back in her Steelheart I was having another round of performance issues.  She had even commented one night while playing that she could feel the erection behind the base ring wasn’t as strong as it used to be. Earlier in the week, when we were discussing travel chastity options, she even stated she didn’t want to spend any money until SHE was convinced that chastity was not causing the performance issues.

This led to me showing her a toy that I thought would help.  I purchased one of those “penis extenders” designed to help with not only maintaining an erection but adding some length and girth.  It arrived Friday and she agreed we would explore with it later that night.  Additionally, after five full days in the Steelheart after not being in it for close to seven months, I had a small little blister forming so she let me out right before physical therapy.  I was horny the remainder of the afternoon through dinner.  When she leaned over and asked if I was ready to go upstairs I hopped right up and bolted upstairs.

This is when things went completely sideways!

No matter how much I wanted at that moment to have a “soft” erection it just wasn’t happening.  Maybe it was psychological?  Maybe it was me being over anxious?  Maybe it was knowing that MrsL is not a big fan of any type of insertable toy being used on her?  Maybe it was a combination of all the above?  Either way, the result was squeezing a flaccid penis into extender hoping the erection would soon follow.  It did not!

There was no real foreplay.  No kissing.  No fondling and petting.  No sexy talk.  NOTHING!  That was a mistake to say the least!

We tried several different positions that my shoulder could handle ultimately ending up in her favorite position:  her being on top.  After several minutes of riding this extender, which didn’t have the support of an erect penis to accentuate the sensation inside her, she stopped and asked in a very tense frustrated manner:  “Are you even inside me?”

What little sexual energy existed dissipated like grey tendrils of smoke wafting up into a foggy sky.

She rolled off of me and I reached down and removed the extender tossing it to the floor.

A little backstory here.  Last September after a particularly difficult few days I penned this post.  In it I wrote about finally broaching the subject of being cuckolded and hinted about my bi-sexual urges.  After making those confessions, MrsL sat there for a minute before making this comment:  “I don’t think you would be able to handle watching me have sex with another guy…and I am not sure I would want to watch you explore your urges….”  She left it at that.  In the interim I have given her a couple of short stories about cuckolding and forced bi-sexual action.  She has read them even commenting that they were good and the portions where Becca (the wife in all of my stories) was being fucked by her boyfriend while sucking Adam’s (the husband in all of my stories) did make her wet.  HOWEVER, she has never come right out and said she would be willing or even WANT to follow through with cuckolding me.

I let these comments and actions kindle and stoke my fantasy of being cuckolded by her and being “forced” into having sex with a guy build into a raging fire in my head.

Back to Friday night…

After she rolled off of me she could sense I was deflated, in more ways that one, and tried telling me she didn’t care that I couldn’t make her cum from vaginal sex.  She tried diverting my feelings by claiming that “she must be missing something inside…and that a lot of women can’t have orgasms from vaginal sex…”  That raging fire of being cuckolded by her was roaring out of control in my head.  My next words hurt her.

“Princess, that is why you need to find a BOYFRIEND who can give you that experience.”


Remember, MrsL was brought up in a strict Catholic family and that upbringing still informs much of her actions.

When she snapped “NO” and turned her head I doubled down.

“Princess, I want you to have that experience…(believing the “boyfriend” term was the issue I shifted)…I would be honored if you cuckolded me.”

With tears streaming down her eyes, which pierced me through and through, she looked at me simply stating “that will never happen…you are all I want and need.”

“Princess, I am so sorry.  I would never want to do anything to hurt you and obviously I have done just that…I am an idiot!”

We talked for about an hour: her expressing just how much it hurt that I thought she would want to have sex with another guy and me trying to explain that I made some horrible inferences from our conversation last September along with her reactions to some of the stories I wrote.  It culminated in her telling me to get the belt from the closet and a vicious spanking for me then three orgasms for her.  She fell asleep curled up on my chest and we have moved on from that topic.  However, it has jump started our intimacy.

Do I still fantasize about being cuckolded….even more so since then.  Will I ever broach the subject with her again…NEVER!  As I have said many times on this blog:  some things are best left to fantasy.

Saturday saw MrsL teasing me at every turn.  The penis would get hard but not rock hard.  It was enough for her as she let me inside her several times but never let me cum.  It was hot.  She also told me that I would not be allowed to touch her sexually or give her an orgasm until after the Super Bowl.  She had a “game” planned for the game that might let me “score a touchdown!”  I was horny all day, night, and Sunday.

One hour before kick off of the Super Bowl MrsL invited me upstairs.  We went into the guest bedroom.  She stripped off her clothes laying down on the bed.  Pointing to her pussy:  “Tongue here.  You will not stop until I push you away.”  DAMN!!!

When she pushed me away and refused to let me stand up while she stood in front of me (very powerful and erotic), she gave me my initial set of instructions:  “First, clean yourself out then grab your timeout clamps and meet me downstairs.  I will give you the rules of the game when you get downstairs.”

I missed most of the pre game stuff including Pink singing the National Anthem.  I had to watch it on YouTube during halftime and it was awesome and I am completely OK with that!  Anyway…

I’ll write about the game in a post later today as I have several back to back conference calls starting at the top of the hour.  However, I want everyone to know that my misreading her actions and comments about cuckolding have only made our relationship stronger.  We have been more playful and intimate ever since and it shows no signs of waning.

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