Growing and Learning Part 1

It has been a very instructive four days around the Chaste Cyclist household.  MrsL and I have had some incredibly intimate experiences as well as some horribly challenging experiences.  This is going to be a long post so I am going to have to break it into 2, possibly 3, parts.

It all began Thursday night.  But first a quick summary of what got us to Thursday night.

MrsL had ordered me back into the Steelheart a week ago Sunday.  We had been, for many reasons: a ton of end of year travel, my body having adverse reactions to the EvotionWearables travel chastity device, and the shoulder surgery, we had been living a Devotional Sex lifestyle since mid August.  That is a great lifestyle because it incorporates the man being chaste for his woman.  It worked for us…to an extent.  What we both discovered after being locked back in the Steelheart was there was another dynamic lacking.  That dynamic was how my body reacted to having the penis locked up and untouchable.

By Monday evening, a scant 24 hours in back in chastity, the slightest of MrsL’s touch anywhere sent sexual electricity through my body. A caressing of the earlobes, a gentle glance of a finger down my arm, a simple kiss, or playful tapping on the stainless steel tub of the Steelheart would create a surge of horniness to trapped penis.  Tuesday evening, MrsL had me naked from the waist down.  All she did was stroke the Steelheart until the erection manifested behind it the licked and nibbled on that trapped erection.  Guys who are locked know what I’m talking about!

By Wednesday I was riding that incredible high of being constantly horny.  Thankfully I wasn’t traveling because I was leaking constantly.  Unfortunately, Wednesday was also a day that MrsL planned to have a cooking show for her business at our house.  Even though she has always said she would never share me with anyone or tell anyone about our chastity lifestyle she incorporated some sexy little teasing into the day.  I shut down from my job at 3 to help her get ready and get 4 different recipes prepped and made.  Even though I knew I was going to run to Best Buy to replace our desktop, MrsL drove me crazy for a few minutes.

When I went downstairs to begin helping, she told me to strip then handed me a cooking apron.

“Put this on while you are cooking.  Who knows, I may just want to have a naked chaste servant down here when all of my guest arrive. Would you be okay with that, honey?”

I felt my entire body blush as the Steelheart began filling up rapidly.

“Princess, I will do whatever YOU want me to do.”

That was the only dialogue for several minutes.  She put me in charge of the most intricate recipe, a southwestern style pork stew with salsa verde, while she zipped through 2 other soup/stew recipes…the plan was meal prep for us for the a few days.  We were cooking and cleaning right up until the doorbell rang.  We both sort of panicked!  How had we lost track of time?  A quick glance at the clock and we knew we hadn’t run out of time…it was her best friend in the neighborhood who was 30 minutes early.  She “wanted to help” as well since MrsL had helped her with her baking business over the holiday season.

Thankfully, we had not unlocked the front door yet so she couldn’t walk in as she normally does. MrsL looked at me, wide eyed, forgetting that my clothes were in the laundry room.  I smiled:  “Princess, this is up to you…my clothes are right over there.”

“I’m not ready to share this.  Get dressed.”

I scrambled to quickly shed the apron and throw on my sweats and t-shirt.  I was pulling the t-shirt down as MrsL and June (I think I have referred to her as June before) were rounding the corner from the front room to kitchen.  Close call!  The Steelheart was biting without mercy into the penis.  My body was pulsing with energy.  It was fantastic.  It was one of those moments that we will talk about for a long long time.

After everyone left, MrsL had me strip down again to clean the kitchen.  As I would bend over to place items in the dishwasher, MrsL would run her hands over my bare ass or squeeze my ribs or scratch down my back.  Sexual!  Raw! Energy!  We finished then headed up to bed.  As we crawled in to bed, MrsL curled up on my chest and was asleep in seconds.  I was still buzzing and even with melatonin it took me half an hour to fall asleep.

Thursday was rather mundane.  We slipped into our routines too easily.  Both of us had several calls throughout the day making it difficult to connect.  After dinner, we sat down on the couch and the spiral into “routine” intensified.  After watching two shows on demand I was feeling frustrated.  When MrsL asked me what I wanted to watch next, I was feeling a bit disjointed.  My mind flashed through two or three responses before landing on this one.

“Princess, may I please go draw you a hot bubble bath?  I believe my Princess needs a bath and massage.”

The smile on her face was all I needed for an answer.

“Let me know when my bath is ready.”

A few minutes later, after I sent her a text of her tub full of luscious bubbles with lit candles lining the tub, as she was lowering her body into the tub.

“I’m going to soak in here for a few minutes.  You need to go put yourself in time out until I call for you. Make yourself as comfortable as you can hanging there.”

I glanced at the nightstand clock as I headed to the closet and again when she summoned me back into the bathroom.  I was in time out for 20 minutes.  It was a challenge as that is the longest time I’ve had in time out.

I was treated with the honor of washing then drying her body.  It is one of the most intimate things we do.  It may sound corny but it is! Once dry, we walked to the bed with MrsL grasping the Steelheart as a lead.  She lay down on her stomach spreading her legs then slid a finger up the back of her thigh ending on her little rosebud.  I showered kisses up that same thigh until my tongue was flicking and swirling around her hole.  She has said before that even though me kissing and tonguing her ass doesn’t make her horny…just more relaxed.  That night, something was different as she began grinding back into my mouth.  She even reached around holding my face in between her cheeks while grinding right before she had her first orgasm!  A first for both of us.

Using her feet to push me away long enough to flip over on her back, I was treated to watching her briefly finger herself.  I could see her juices were already flowing and was chomping at the bit to lick up every drop.  Keeping one hand massaging pussy she took the other hand to begin playing with one of her nipples.  The penis was being persistent in trying to burst out of the Steelheart to no avail.

Several glorious moments of sexual theater by MrsL led to her motioning me to her pussy.  She had several orgasms before pushing me away with both feet.

“That was glorious, my knight.  You do know that I am going to sleep right now.  Good night.”

She scrunched her pillow up, as she always does, breathing softly as I crawled in bed beside her. She was asleep moments later.  Such an incredible evening!

Friday, I misread the entire situation leading to a long difficult conversation.  More on that in the next post.

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