No Means No

Last night was sexually brilliant. More on that in a later post.

This morning when I woke up MrsL I wanted to continue her ecstasy. She let me kiss her. She let me fondle, lick, and gently chew on her nipples. But, when I let first my hand then my mouth slide down her body toward her pussy she said no.

Well I didn’t pay attention to her. I continued until I was stroking one l inside her labia with a couple of fingers and letting my tongue flick playfully over her clitoris.

I thought she was going to let me make her cum. But was I wrong! Sitting straight up on the bed and pulling me away from her womanhood, I was met with a stern look.

“I don’t like being willfully disobeyed. Go get one of your belts.”

When I emerged from the closet she was sitting on the edge of the bed motioning me to lay over her knees.

Needless to say, I think my time of being a brat are coming to an end. This was the most effective and meaningful spanking she has ever administered. It is definitely a spanking I will not forget anytime soon!

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